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Sunday, January 30, 2005
  A New Charity
I was looking through the blogs and came across Cindy's blog called Crochet Chronicles (which is a good blog, by the way so check it out). She had a post about making red scarves to donate to a charity for helping Chinese Orphans. If you are interested please check out The Red Scarf Project. A worth while project for those of you who may have red yarn laying around and wondering what to do with it. She uses the word knit scarf, but she also accepts crocheted ones as well. Give it a look, please.

I got my swap partner for the poncho/shawl swap at Crochetville. I am very excited. I will reveal to her later that I got her name, but for now I want to keep it to myself. She gave me some good info in her survey and I ordered, what I think, is the perfect yarn for her. Now, I just need to find the best pattern. My Seraphina shawl is probably halfway through. I admit, I didn't work on her at all yesterday. Instead I did some cross stitching. I have to divide my time between all my craft loves and that can be hard sometimes. I have kind of decided that during the week I will crochet and on the weekends I will do cross stitch. I like to combine them and when I finish my current cross stitch, I will post a picture of the project in all it's (hopefully) glory. {I am sneaking in some Seraphina time this morning, however...sshhh, don't tell my needle and thread}.

My poor baby is sick! He woke up yesterday throwing up! I hate it when they are that sick...it makes me feel so helpless. He didn't eat a thing yesterday until just before 8pm He got some crackers down and about an hour later they came back up. Thankfully this morning he is looking better. He is still pale as a sheet, but he ate a muffin and it has stayed down. I think he is on the mend. Now, I get to hold my breath as I wait to see how many of the 5 other people in this house get it. I hope and pray that by some miracle no one else gets sick. Time will tell....

I have a new album in my "Listening To" on my sidebar. I am a huge Ani Difranco fan and she has a new cd out and it is sooooo good. Close to some of her older stuff. If you know who Ani is and you like her, run out and get this cd. If you don't, be for warned, she is ulta liberal and not for everyone. In my world, she is in the top five of my favorites. Rock on Ani!!~

Have a great Sunday and enjoy your families (and friends). Tell them how much you love them.

Peace~ DAWN

Thursday, January 27, 2005
  Losing It
I just want it stated for the record, that I am Losing My Mind! I put a little temporary color in my hair this morning. No biggie. It's a mosse so I've not used this product before. I shampoo it out and then condition my hair as I have done for the past, um, lotta years. I like Clairol Herbal Essences cause it smells so good and makes your hair feel silky.
Well, my hair is ultra silky today because I FORGOT to rinse it out!
As I was drying my hair with the towel, I was getting this residue on the towel and thinking "wow, this is weird. I wonder if it is from the color?" Then I combed it--no tangles, wonder why? and let it air dry. Well, it's cold out and my head is still super wet so I think, what the hell...I'll put the defuser on and blow it dry. As I'm blowing it out and my ends are fluffy and soft and the hair near my scalp is still really damp it hits me- - - hey, dummy! you left the conditioner in!! No static cling for me today, my hair is like butter!

I posted a picture of the progress I've made on the Seraphina shawl. Oh, she is gorgeous and so soft and uummmmm. I would have had more done but yesterday I did 6 rows and had to frog all 6 rows! Yeah, that was fun. That is why in the photo you see that lovely pile of yarn. I had been cruising right along and held it up and noticed my holes did not line up correctly. I was pissed. This is with mohair, people. Do you know how hard it is to frog mohair without wanting to beat something to a pulp! Well, it can be done, but you have to take lots (and I mean LOTS) of deep breathes and go very very slowly. Now she is back on track and everything is right with my crochet world again.

I am going to try and get through this day without, I don't know, bringing home the wrong child from school or hitting a fire hydrant. Who knows....my hair is full of conditioner and there really is no telling what else I may do.....

Peace~ DAWN

The Seraphina Shawl in the early stages. She is so ultra soft! Posted by Hello
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
  Blog for Peace
I joined a new blog group that is doing an "a-long" for peace. If you want to check it out and or join please click on the botton under Links or click here Peace is Patriotic. As a disclaimer, I am not looking to be contraversial. My husband is in the military so was my dad. I am a military brat, so to speak so please, if this is not your thing--ignore it and move on. Don't feel like you need to lecture. My beliefs support all women standing in their power, peace and intention. Period.

Moving on.... thank you to those who shared some of their more gross moments with their animals. Glad to know there are those of you out there who know what it was like. With animals and children in your life, there can never be a dull moment. My adventures with the animal kingdom did continue yesterday. Although this was in no way in the same league as the dead bird in the lap, it was none the less very peculiar. I was putting away clothes in my closet and heard this buzzing noise at the window. I thought maybe a fly or something was stuck between the window pane and the screen. But no. . . I had not one, not two, not three, but four (4) bees inside the window. In the room with me! How they got there I have no clue. After smaking them and scooping them into a cup, I looked and looked but there was no crack or anything that looked like a way in. Bees! what the hell is up with that. Can't wait to see what happens today!

I started making the Seraphina shawl with the hand painted yarn I got on eBay and some of the RH Symphony mohair held together. Oh my god!! this is gonna be an awesome shawl. The pattern seemed intimidating to me, but Marvie gave me some encouraging words about it. I just wanted to get the right yarn for it and I think I succeeded. I am in the shawl/poncho swap at Crochetville and awaiting my swap partners info. I am very excited about picking out the yarn and pattern for this person. I love to make shawls and ponchos.

I have some organizing and cleaning to do today. My house is getting out of control. All I did yesterday was laundry!! yuck! I don't mind doing the laundry but I hate having to fold and put it all away. My older two do their own laundry. The youngest at least gets his together in piles for me and puts it away after I fold it. My husband and mine, however, is all mine! and unfortunately, yesterdays was about a week and a half's worth of clothes. Yes, underware was running low. So, I'm off to do the last load and the rest of the days chores. Have a great day!!

Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ooohhh, Yarnie Goodness!! check out all the mohair yarn I got yesterday--oolala. Posted by Hello
  Wanna Hear a Story?
Let me set the scene for this story.
It's evening, my son has let the dogs in for the nite so they can eat and relax with the family. I have a rare moment or two after dinner to sit in the livingroom and crochet. I'm in the big recliner with my yarn and hook, crocheting with some of the new mohair yarn I just bought that day. Behind me I hear this noise and turn around and see our beagle, Buster, chewing on something. I say, "Buster! what do you have?" He doesn't answer (that's not what this story is about) but I can see something between his paws. I can't quite make it out, but I think--or assume--it's one of my youngests toy cars or helicopters.
I call my youngest into the livingrooom. "Go see what Buster is chewing on, please."
He goes behind me to check it out and I resume crocheting. I'm thinking, he will see it's one of his toys and pick it up and I can crochet in peace.
Pay Attention: here is where the story gets good.....
I ask, "What was it?"
My son comes walking over to me and says, "It's a dead bird."
I look up to see, dangling between the fingers of my little boy, a DEAD BIRD! Now, I live with all males, so ordinarily I am not easily shocked by things, however, on this occation I let out a scream that could rival any in hollywood. This was a shriek like I've never heard before and it was coming from me!
My son, now freaks out because I'm freaking out and he FLINGS THE DEAD BIRD INTO MY LAP. I look down, still screaming, to see this dead bird on me and I jump up. Me and the bird, literally switch places. The bird is now in the chair and I and my crocheting are flying through the air.
My oldest son comes out of his room wanting to know what is going on and I'm yelling, "get that dead bird out of here! get it, get it!"

Now, show of hands... how many of you out there have ever had a dead bird thrown in your lap? hmmm.

Yeah, that is how my nite went. How was that for a story? Before that I had had a very good day. I went shopping and bought some of the best yarn. Symphony, by RH. It is acrylic mohair and it is wonderful to work with. Best part.... you get 310 yards for under $4.00 !! That is a bargin in my book. Wanna hear something else good, you can get it at Wal-Mart!

To make my day even better, when the mail came I got a package from Over the Rainbow Yarns at E-Bay. I ordered some hand painted yarn on Friday and got it Monday! Yippie! It is gorgeous! and it's my favorite, Wild Colors all mixed together. Happy day for me. I get to play with my yarn and come up with ideas for its use.

I also finished my doily for the Thread Cal at Crochetville. Plase check out the Thread Cal Gallery to see my latest doily and some of the other great doilies from fellow thread crocheters. Okay, carry on and thanks for reading about my adventures.

Before I forget, Natalie asked what pattern I used for the bookmarks I posted the other day. I used one called Elegant Pineapple bookmark. Super easy. I just changed the stitching at the bottom to suit my taste.

Peace~ DAWN
Saturday, January 22, 2005

Pineapple bookmarks that look like peacock feathers... Posted by Hello
  Cold and lazy Saturday
Not a lot going on today. I'm frustrated so I'm blogging. I have spent the better part of the day frogging various projects and short of cussing my heart out I decided to just put the hook down and do something else. Now I have a massive headache. Aurghhh--

We had the dude from Lowe's come over today and measure our livingroom (we're getting NEW carpet!!--long over due, trust me). Anyway, low and behold his measurements were the same as ours! ah-ha, we are not incompetent after all. When we went in to order the carpet the guy says they have to send out their own 'man' to measure. Fail safe or some crap. Can anyone say "Waiste Of Time".

Anyhow, as you can see by the photo....I made a few pineapple bookmarkers the other day and they are starched and ready to be placed in a well deserved book. I love the varigated thread, it's called oasis. I love blues, greens, and tans all mixed together. It is relaxing to me. I belong to Bookcrossings and I'm sending one of my books across the big drink to England and I thought that I would include a crocheted bookmark in with it as a surprise. Hope she likes it.

Me and my husband are going to the movies tonite to see "Meet the Fockers". Should be hilarious. I loved the first one. Maybe it will put me in a better mood. Man, I am seriously pissed about my crocheting this morning! okay...better days ahead. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, January 20, 2005
  Another Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to my oldest-- today he is 17!! he is a great young man and I am very proud!

Peace~ DAWN
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I made my Mala Beads yesterday. I love how they turned out. My sister made me a box for Christmas that I'll keep them in and I'll need to crochet a pouch for taking them with me. Posted by Hello
  Beep Beep
Congratulations to my son--he successfully passed his driving test and now is the proud owner of a license. He totally got me though. He came in yesterday and I asked how it went and he just shook his head. "You didn't pass?"
"What happened?"
he says, "well, I went through a stop sign right there as you leave the parking lot and she told me to turn around."
"You're kidding me?" By now, I'm feeling really bad, however--I didn't pass the first time because of the same reason. I didn't see a stop sign that was posted above, like a stop light--anyway, trying to show him I know how he feels I offer to re-tell my story so we can "bond". About this time my husband walks in and says to my son, "well, did you tell her?" and he's grinning.
"Tell me what?" I ask.
My son pulls out his wallet and shows me the license, the little git! (that is English slang for 'butt head'). My loving husband had no part in this little scam, my ungrateful child came up with this one all on his own. Where do they get it from? hehe.

I was RAOKed yesterday and am now the proud owner of two balls of RH Tiki ladder ribbon yarn! it is so awesome! I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it yet, but it's gonna be great--no doubt. Thank you GIFTER!

I have to post-pone some of my projects cause I need to whip up a couple of bookmarks before next week. It shouldn't take that long, but with me you never know. I haven't picked up my doily in a few days and I really need to get it done. It is haunting me now. I have been working on my bag for my cards and I am loving it. I don't want to post a pic till it is done, though. I bought a bandana from Wally World for .50 cents! for the lining. I need to do a little more embellishment and then it'll be done.

Daily Haiku says todays word is bunk/ so here is my haiku:

Lying on the bunk

see my littlest angel

slowly shed his wings.

Okay, busy busy busy---have a great day, all and play nice!

Peace~ DAWN

Monday, January 17, 2005
  Birthday Day
Happy Birthday to my dad (77 years old) and my middle son (16)! May you both enjoy this special day and may it be the beginning of a spectacular year!

I can't believe that my son is 16! That makes two (2) teenage drivers living in this house. Help me! no, they are both good behind the wheel. Our insurance is over the top, however. Man, you'd think they'd give you the benefit of the doubt and wait on raising premiums until they have an accident. It's like saying you suck as a driver before you get the chance to prove yourself. Not to mention the punishment on the parents pocketbook.

I am making another bag with the leftover Moda Dea yarn plus a little gold thread and some plum yarn. It's a pouch for some "good vibes" cards that I got over the weekend. These cards are awesome. I'm to lazy to get up and write to full name and a possible link right now, maybe later. Anyway, I love making pouches and little bags and stuff. They are so fun and you can embellish them in all sorts of ways.

I'm gonna try and get almost through with my doily today. I'm almost there, but this is a lacy doily so until I block it it has the tendency to appear loose (which can mislead you into thinking you skrewed up somehow--when actually you didn't).

I'm rambling.....I need another cup of coffee. Oh, the rams got totoally spanked they other nite in their game against the falcons. What an embarassment!! that score was horrible. Well, when you play like shit.... you certainly don't deserve the honors. So...no super bowl this year. I still believe.....

Have a great day, all! Peace~ DAWN
Friday, January 14, 2005
  A New Book
I finished up "The Probable Future" by Alice Hoffman last nite. Very good book. I love anything she writes. Today I started on "The White" by Deborah Larsen. It's about Mary Jemison a girl of 16 captured by a Shawnee raiding party in the 1700's. It's not very long so it should be a short read (which is good because my 'to read' pile is quite high). I also ordered "When God was a Woman" and should be getting that soon. I'll read it simitaniously with whatever novel I'm reading at the time.

It has turned soo frickn' cold here. Urgh! I hate the cold. I really can't stand it when it is cold, cloudy and damp. I'm such a whimp. We will definately have a fire in the fireplace tonite! Probably all weekend.

I'm taking a lazy day today and doing a lot of nothing. Not gonna feel quilty about it one bit either. Hey, in the next couple of days I have my two older sons birthdays and my dads to cordinate, so I'm preparing. Mentally, that is. My boys are not being cooperative in the gift idea department. I think they were blown-away at Christmas by what they got that they really don't feel like they need anything else right now. That is a good thing, I'm guessing. So it will most likly be a money gift. What teenage boy doesn't like cash. I already got my dads gift. Just some art supplies for his painting hobby. That was easy enough. The birthday food is altogether differnt. My dad and middle son share the same b-day. One wants a lemon pie and the other wants a chocolate lush. Then three days later it's the older ones b-day and he wants a pie [yet to be determined]. That is three different desserts in a three day time period. Can anyone say--diet sabatoge.

Here is the Chocolate Lush recipe (you may read it and know it as something else):

1/2 c. margarine/butter (softened)
1 c. flour
1/2 c. chopped nuts (I like mine toasted)
1 c. confectioners sugar
1 8oz. pkg. cream cheese (softened)
1 c. Cool Whip
2 sm. pkg. Chocolate Instant pudding
3 c. cold milk

Mix first 3 ingredients and press into 13x9 pan and bake at 375 for 15 minutes. Cool.
Mix sugar, cream cheese, and coolwhip and put on crust.
Mix instant pudding with mild and spread on cream cheese mixture.
Top with remaining cool whip (from the tub).

That's it. Hope you will try it and enjoy!!
Peace~ DAWN

Thursday, January 13, 2005

First I started out as this cool skein of Moda Dea yarn..... Posted by Hello

Then I became this hip case for sunglasses! Posted by Hello

Hmmm, I'm even good-looking on the inside (where it counts the most!!) Posted by Hello
  Bring on the Sun!!
Okay, the first post of the day with the quizes was just to stall a bit until I could finish up the sunglasses case I was working on yesterday. She is through and she is GORGEOUS!~the colors are so festive! I worked in hdc throughout with a little sc for the flap edge. I lined it with a piece of red silk (mmmmmm) and put some beading around the edges. She also sports a gold button with stars and moons etched on it. Love it.

What shall I do next, hmmmm?

By the way, thanks Colette and Sutty for the comments about my son. Sutty, he's the middle one- the older one posed for the infamous photo. He did really well yesterday. They took off half of his toe nail and left him with half. We get to see it today, after he gets home from school cause he has to soak it and have it re-wrapped. They gave him a total of three shots in his toe to numb it before the procedure. Ouch!! so far it hasn't been bothering him. After a day of walking on it and having it squashed in a shoe, who knows.

Peace~ DAWN
  Quiz Day
Cause of Death:


I will be struck down by a meteor!

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test
(courtesy of Mouse's blog)

Better than some of the other alternitives out there.

Also from Kari's blog:

Wind Dragons create tornadoes or Twisters at their fansy, but are very easily knocked over...
Your a wind Dragon! Hey, you, the smartest dragon
of the branch. You love reading and writing,
but are quite shy. Your IQ is probably sky-high
and your stories can win trophies. Your not
very good in sports, or maybe you are, and just
not inrested.. You are very wise, smart, and

What elemental dragon are you
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
  Howling at the Moon
Or what little moon there is. Last nite we slept with the window open (it's been really nice here, but all that is about to change tomorrow). Anyhow, in the middle of the nite, around 3am. our white german shepard let loose his wild side. He sat in front of the open window in our bedroom and howled like the end was near. Me and my husband were deep in sleepy land when my husband sits straight up in the bed, startled and says "what the hell was that?" Me: "it was Timber howling, go back to sleep." Him: "I was sleeping sooo good, too." After about 10 minutes, I had to kick Timber out of the room cause he just wouldn't settle down. I thought later as I lay in bed trying to get back to sleep, ' it's a good thing Timber didn't get an answer or we'd have been slamming that window shut and fast'.

Back to the weather for just a moment. It is gorgeous here today. It is suppose to reach 70 degrees and right now the sun is out! Unfortunately, it won't last. This is Tennessee after all in January. Tomorrow and the days that follow will bring back the regular temps for winter. 40's for highs and 20's for lows. It is so nice to get a glimpe of spring, though. I'm not a winter gal at all so this reprieve is just fine by me.

I get to start a new project just for me! I got some gorgeous yarn by Moda*Dea [Cache in the color: wink] at Michaels a few weeks ago. It wasn't on sale so it was a splurge. I'm gonna make a case for my sunglasses. I'm gonna line it, too. I've got all kinds of scap fabric laying about. I'm a sucker for the remnents bin at the fabric store. Sometimes that is the only way to afford some of the nicer fabrics out there. Anyway, I'm sure I'll have a little yarn left over for some pouches for some crystals or my mala that I'm gonna make after I go back to my favorite stone store. On the doily front, I got quite a bit done on it yesterday; it's halfway finished now and turning out so pretty. I'm using two different colors of thread and loving it.

My son and hubby are in Nashville right now. My son has a badly infected toenail (really gross), and he needs to see a foot specialist. He's had 1/4 of his nail removed already, but it is still not healing properly. We are hoping they don't have to take the whole nail this time. He's had two rounds of antibiotics to help with the infection and it is just not working. Fingers crossed he'll come home with good news. I told him if they had to do a procedure on him just make sure to ask for some really good drugs. What a good mom I am. Encouraging prescription drug use in my kid (hey, he's one of my babies....no suffering aloud).

Humpday! Weekend on the way!!
Peace~ DAWN

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
  Doctor Day
Well, I had my annual "woman's" appointment at the doc's this morning. Ugh, I hate going in for that. As if it's not bad enough with the doctor and a nurse in there...this time he brought in a trainee. Thank god he didn't offer for her to "feel this" or "feel that". Don't you just love being the demo model? Then it took forever before he came back in to talk and he forgot my refill perscriptions and then I had to have blood drawn.....I need a nap. They're checking my cholesterol (which will probably be elevated cause I have been a bad girl when it comes to eating lately--lots of fast food in my diet, shame shame, I know). I also get to have yet another mamogram done (because my mom died of breast cancer). If you've had one of these done, you know how thrilled I am at this prospect, if you haven't. . .bless your heart. It hurts. Period. No sugar coating it or making it sound okay. It Fu**ing hurts. But we do what we have to do to stay healthy and alive for the ones we love. Enough of my self pity....moving on.

I have been lazy in the crochet department these last couple of days. I've been working on a secret which I'm almost done with, but other than that, I've just not gotten my hooks into anything. My doily for the Thread CAL is about 2 inches in diameter, and the ripple afghan for the Ripple CAL is still 15 rows along. I will work on both some today so I won't feel quilty for wanting yet more yarn. I'm holding back because I have so much as it is and I can't seem to crochet fast enough to put a dent in my stash.

For those of you reading this blog and looking out your windows at some crap-appy weather...I sure hope things clear up for you soon. What is going on in this country? Landslides, flooding, blizzards, holy-shit. It's like the last days or something. Hey, that could be a movie (I already saw it). Speaking of movies, we rented Little Black Book the other nite (cause I think Britney Murphy is cute) but the movie wasn't all that. So, don't waste your money on it. Have been watching the t.v show Medium with Patricia Aquette-- I really like this show. I hope it sticks around awhile. I love the fact that her character is a mom of three and she isn't built like a stick. Plus, she wants to make a difference and struggles at it like the rest of us. Her relationship with her husband is cute, too.

Okay, that's it for me. I'm gonna do some stuff around this house and *gasp* exercise!!! Have a great day and remember to smile from the inside out.

Okay get over to Marnie's blog right now and check out the cute canines she has posted about. If that doesn't put a smile on your face, you must be dead.

Peace~ DAWN

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Mmmmmm, love me some chocolate. I'd be in trouble if the shirt were chocolate. Posted by Hello

New couch (he's such a bad actor)--I knocked over a vase of flowers getting this shot. Call me 'grace' Posted by Hello
  Beautiful Sunday
Well, my Rams won their game yesterday and I am so hap happy!! Don't know how long they will last in the playoffs, but I am enjoying wathching them advance for now. Yippie!!

Here is the chocolate shirt photo I have blogged about for two days now. Finally, the proof. Yeah, yeah, I know----whoppie, but it's from my honey and therefore very special and exciting to me...

Slow going on the crochet front; I have a few projects inthe works : My hat for the hat swap is done so on payday I'll send that and the final package for my secret pal, out. Also, the ripple is slow going cause it's an afghan; my least favorite thing to make cause they take soooooo long. I still haven't started on the thread CAL, yet. I am still gonna do the bread cloth, but I'd like to start with something smaller and something I don't knead (get it, bread) to map out. So, I'll probably do a filet crochet sachet -- whoa! say that one 3 times fast. Any who, I'll post when I get moving on that one.

Oh, we bought a new sofa and chair yesterday at Haverty's. They are natural leather in a cocoa color. I love them. They will take on the aged appearance of a bomber jacket over time and they feel silky. Not cold and slippery like the polished leather. Our old couch was 15 years old and old describes it. It has moved to to every state that we have been in the Air Force except New Mexico ( and that was our first assignment and we had a hand-me-down from hubbys dad then). Don't get me wrong the 15 year old couch was greeeaaat! Had a queen sleeper in it and was long enough for my 6'3" husband to lay out on and still have an inch or so (long long couch). But, it was time for a change. And I've wanted leather for a long time, now. As you can see by the photo, this one doesn't quite fit him...he'll get over it, though.

Have a great day
Peace~ DAWN

Friday, January 07, 2005
  Sweet and Chocolatey
I bet you are wondering about that title. Well, if my son would put the damn chip back in the camera like I've asked him for two days now, I would show you....you'll just have to be patient, I'm afraid. It really isn't as fantastic as the wait would make you believe, so don't get all "oh, is that it" when you finally see the shirt. You've been warned.

I don't know if you noticed, but I changed the colors on my blog....I toned it down just a tad. Lighten up for the new year. It took me nearly all day. I am so bad at computer language that I often type in the wrong thing or in the wrong spot. I am so glad that kids learn this stuff in school, now. It will make their lives so much easier on the "outside". I often use their expertise anyway. Talk about role reversal.

Well, my dad is back from his trip. Now we are back to normal. By that I mean: every f***ing morning he gets up and cooks sausage or bacon with his egg. Don't get me wrong, I love the old man, but I absolutely HATE the smell of frying meat in the morning! It is so gross...not to mention I get to be the one to clean up all that greasy funk that gets all over my stove and counter. It was so nice for a solid week to have my house smell like my house in the morning instead of a greasy diner. I burn a lot of incense and spray a lot of lysol after he is done, he still doesn't get it. I've even talked to him about it. Where did it get me.... no where. Okay, bitch fest over (excuse me while I *gag*)

My sister gets to pick up her computer this weekend. We finally have everything hooked up and transfered. She is so excited. She already has an e-mail addie and everything. She'll get hooked like the rest of us, I'm sure.

If you haven't checked out the magazine Breathe I sincerely recommend that you do. If you like yoga and the alternitive path...you may enjoy this magazine. It has some interesting articles and tips and the photos and graphics are really nice. Something different to be on the lookout for. This is their second issue; so it's a baby magazine but with a bold soul.
(as a side note: went to Wally World a.k.a WalMart this morning, and of all things; they have the Breathe magazine there. Wow, I was speachless)

I hope you all have a nice day and a great weekend. I will be crocheting like a mad woman this weekend because I have a few projects to complete that have deadlines.

Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, January 06, 2005
  Yucky Outside
Ugh! it is so yuck outside today; it doesn't look like tomorrow will be any better. Rainy and chilly. At least we didn't get ICE like a lot of states did.

My son had taken out the ladder to take down Christmas lites and he didn't put the ladder back. Last nite we had some high winds and lots of rain and the ladder blew over taking one of the shutters outside our bedroom window with it. Now my great mr. fix-it husband gets a project. Two of the slats busted out and 3 or 4 slats are cracked. So, until we can get a new shutter, he'll have to patch this one and make do.

I began the ripple afghan for my youngest last nite. I only have 4 rows done ("Lost" was on and you have to pay attention to it or you get "lost"). Anyway, they color pattern takes about 8 or 9 rows so until I get the full effect showing, I don't want to post a picture; but I will, soon hopefully.

I had a shirt I was gonna photograph, but my son didn't put the card back in the digital camera last nite and I don't know where it is. Probably in his coat pocket which is at school with him. Anyway, my hubby came in from work last nite and handed me a bag and said "here's a present" when I looked inside it was this shirt (picture tomorrow). I said "was this for Christmas and you just now found where you put it?" yeap. He does that alot around the holidays. . . hides gifts and forgets about them until weeks or months later. One year I got a pair of Yoga pants 6 months after Christmas; yeah!

Have a good one, everybody! Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, January 04, 2005
  The 3 Things List

Name 3 names you go by:
Sweetie (to my husband)
mom (to my kids)

Name 3 things you like about yourself:
my sense of humor
my laugh
big heart

Name 3 things you hate (insert dislike here) about yourself:
I'm insecure
quick to judge
lack of patience

Name 3 parts of your heritage:

Name 3 of your everyday essentials:
hot shower

Name 3 things that scare you:
deep water
suspense music

Name 3 reasons you have broken up with ex's:
their cheating hearts
lack of commitment
poor judgement

Name 3 things you want in a relationship:

Name your 3 favorite pastimes:
laying out in the warm sun (with sunscreen on, of course)

Name 3 things you want to do before you die:
sky dive
stay on a remote island for a month
see my kids grown and happy

Okay, that was fun and enlightening...I never really thought about some of those questions. Hope you will copy and paste the questions on your own blog (as I did) and answer them and pass it on to others.

I was busy last nite and this morning adding things to my side bar and boy is that a chore. Holy crap, just when I think I'm getting good at this computer speak, I realize "uh, no your not". I added a little "Go Wild" button that you may take and post on your blog if you wish and I added my wish list for the Crochetville RAOK. I'm looking forward to granting some wishes and making someones day.[sappy corny moment approaching] When someone surprises you with a little something just to let you know that they were thinking of you, it really touches the heart. [corny moment over--carry on]. I also added a Massage Therapy site that I hope you will check out. If nothing else, it will hopfully answer any questions you may have about massage but were to afraid to ask.

I just want to add to those participating in the RAOK(and even those who aren't) please, don't limit yourself to those in the RAOK--let this bleed out into other parts of your life and other areas of your community and spread your own Random Acts of Kindness in different ways throughout your day. Everyone needs a kind word or deed at some point and it would be great of we crochet bloggers could implement such a movement in our daily lives.

Now, go forth and spread the love, people!!
Peace~ DAWN
  I feel Younger already
Just kidding, if I felt any younger I'd be an infant....I was referring to the fact that I colored my hair after a long and over due period of time. The grey was getting depressing and scary. I can go without makeup, but oh no, no, no, I must cover the grey. That is my one vanity for sure. Ahh, but it's all better now.

I have picked out the pattern for my hat swap pal and now it is a matter of getting it going. I think she will like it. I like it....
I'm stuck on the ripple cal though. I was gonna do the doggie blankies but realized they would look totoally patched together with a ripple pattern and the mish mash of scrap yarns I have to use up. So I'm back to the starting block with this one. I'll get my act together soon enough.

I have to bow out of the Secret Pal this time. I stretched it to thin over the holidays and I need to recoup. Not to mention (brag brag) me and my hubby are going to Vegas for 10 days in March! and I can't wait. This will be our 3rd year in a row. We get to go this year because he has a confrence for work that he has to attend there and I'm going along cause he ain't hanging out in Vegas without me.

There was a blip on Marvies blog about getting up a RAOK over at Crochetville. That would be awesome if we could make that happen. What fun to be able to surprise people with things from their wish list at any give time during the year. I hope that we can come together over there and make it a happening.

Well, I'm by myself at home today,,, they've all gone to their respective places--school and work--and my dad is still on his trip to God know where. I haven't heard from him since he left. I know where he's been cause my brother sent me new years eve photos of them all at a party in Gainsville (my brothers wife is in a jazz band and they played a New Years Eve bash there). Anyway, being alone may sound refreshing--and it is--however, this house has some serious disorder issues that need attending, so....
I'm off to do house work and organizing.

Have a great day all! Peace~ DAWN
Monday, January 03, 2005
  Shopping day
Yesterday we finally ventured out for some shopping after the holidays. It was much less crowded than I expected and there was still plenty of "deals" to be found. We got several more additions to our Snowman Land for next year. I think that we are going to have to find a larger space for them because the entertainment center just won't cut it next year. The one area I was disappointed in was yarn sales! Where the hell are those? Don't these stores know that we crocheters need our fixes. Hobby Lobby only has Wool-ease on sale (which is nice, but not enough) and Michales has NO yarn on sale. Those are the only two Non-Local yarn stores around here....besides Wal-mart, and they never have yarn sales. Oh well, I will have to hold out that next week will be better.

My youngest is back to school this morning and the older two start back tomorrow and then it will be back to business as usual around the house. The young one was quite grumpy this morning. He is upset about the fact that his bros. have an extra day of vacation. I'm upset cause I thought they all went back today....dang.

My secret pals final package is coming along nicely. I got two more things to add yesterday on my shopping trip. I hate to see this one end simply because I really like the swap pal I got.... It's been a lot of fun corrisponding with her this whole time.

Okay, I have to get a cake in the oven and then get reaady for my massage appointment. Yes, ladies and gents I practice what I preach and I get regular massages...30 minutes once a month. Best thing I ever decided to do for myself! Have a great day---
Peace~ DAWN
Saturday, January 01, 2005

January Thaw doily. Ain't she pretty? Posted by Hello
Happy 2005 everyone! Hope you all had a happy and safe time ringing in the new year. Here at our house we stayed up and watched the ball drop, kissed and promptly went to bed. Whoa!

Today's big plans include taking down all the decorations of Christmas and packing them away for another year. I hate this part. Why can't those darned elves make themselves useful and come back and do it for me. I left some pretty good treats out this year. You'd think that would account for something (besides an increased waist line).

For dinner we are having ham and black-eyed peas (with lots of spice thanks to red pepper flakes, since I forgot the jalapenos). Got to have the black-eyed peas for luck and money in the new year!! I'll include some sort of yet to be determined veggie and for desert Key Lime Cake! Mmmmm.

I have been so excited about the thread Cal at Crochetville, I have to admit I've started early. I've made three doilies in three days! I'll post a picture of one of them later. (My son is asleep and the set up for the download is in his room.) The project for the Cal is still in the works. It's filet crochet and I am still working out the pattern. Soon, my precious, soon.

I also found the perfect yarn for the soldier's hat in my stash last nite. It is a knit weight yarn (a little thinner than sport weight) and should work up into a nice skully that is thin enough to wear under a helmet. Bonus is it is a tweed in black and dark green. Yah! I got my hat swap pal and am excited about picking out a pattern especially for her. I have two in mind. One I saw on the movie "Shaun of the Dead" last nite. I may have to wing that one if I decide on it. The other I've made before and love how it works out.

Have a happy, safe and above all peaceful New Year. I hope that in 2005 we all practice more patience and tolerance in our daily lives and try with all our might to be a sister or brother to mankind and a steward of the earth. For it is in cooperation and not in force of will that peace and harmony are to be found.

Peace and Blessings to you all and your families~ DAWN
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