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Thursday, January 06, 2005
  Yucky Outside
Ugh! it is so yuck outside today; it doesn't look like tomorrow will be any better. Rainy and chilly. At least we didn't get ICE like a lot of states did.

My son had taken out the ladder to take down Christmas lites and he didn't put the ladder back. Last nite we had some high winds and lots of rain and the ladder blew over taking one of the shutters outside our bedroom window with it. Now my great mr. fix-it husband gets a project. Two of the slats busted out and 3 or 4 slats are cracked. So, until we can get a new shutter, he'll have to patch this one and make do.

I began the ripple afghan for my youngest last nite. I only have 4 rows done ("Lost" was on and you have to pay attention to it or you get "lost"). Anyway, they color pattern takes about 8 or 9 rows so until I get the full effect showing, I don't want to post a picture; but I will, soon hopefully.

I had a shirt I was gonna photograph, but my son didn't put the card back in the digital camera last nite and I don't know where it is. Probably in his coat pocket which is at school with him. Anyway, my hubby came in from work last nite and handed me a bag and said "here's a present" when I looked inside it was this shirt (picture tomorrow). I said "was this for Christmas and you just now found where you put it?" yeap. He does that alot around the holidays. . . hides gifts and forgets about them until weeks or months later. One year I got a pair of Yoga pants 6 months after Christmas; yeah!

Have a good one, everybody! Peace~ DAWN

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