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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Please note that I am no longer blogging on this page. I have moved my blog to:


Please update your blogrolls or pages and come visit me in my new home. Thank you so much!!
Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
  Mind Numbing Knitting
I decided I needed a mind numbing knit to keep me occupied during T.V time and waiting in the car for the young one to get out of school. I was surfing some sites yesterday and came across this one from the Red Scarf Project. It was orignally from Yarn Harlot. She is brilliant.

I have several skeins of RH and TLC Essentials in my stash that I really really want to get rid of and I decided this year to do my donations to Hats 4 the Homeless. So this scarf as well as any other scarves and hats that I make this year will be sent to them.

Oh I have found a new addiction:

It is a delicious drink that tastes like melted coffee ice cream! It is so so good. There are 4 servings in the big size (but I'm afraid that if I'm not careful I may drink it all in one day--that would not be good at 199 calories per serving).

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Thursday, January 25, 2007
  Better Days

Feeling tons better today. My mouth is healing up really well. The hole is almost closed up and the broken blood vessels are not as florescent as they were yesterday. It was like a Jackson Pollock painting under my tongue for awhile there.
I am almost done with a second square and I finished a hat the other day (Silk Garden Beanie). This one is made from that awesome Noro Silk Garden #84. Love those colors. the hat is way to cute and I added a little I-cord top knot. I think it makes the hat more fun and less generic. I mean, how many beanies can one own before the begin to blend into one another.

I am awaiting a second shipment of sock yarn from Simply sock Yarn. I got some last week and was satisfied and then got an update that they had sold out of the Panda sock yarn but received a new batch in and I got sucked in, I tell ya. It was a sneaky, sneaky thing they did. Such nice yarn and cute color combos. Dang! So, I ordered more. I have to stay away from the online stores. They are so bad for my wallet. But. . . since I have this cute square pattern and can use up the sock yarn bits and sew them together for little baby blankets or pillows, it seems such a shame not to have the yarn to do it.

Winter is upon us here, people. Cold, cold from the north has made it way to Tennessee. The highs for the coming days are only in the low 40's and maybe even the 30's. I really hate winter. I can't stand to be cold. It takes me forever to get warmed up again. Usually when I get cold the only way to get me warmed up is with a really hot shower. I try to drink hot liquids during the day and I walk around with a sweater on. How "old lady" am I?
Have a great day, Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
  Test Square

I joined a knitalong for a test pattern for squares made out of sock yarn. This is the first one. My next few will be in the colors that they preferred but I had this leftover from a pair of socks I made for my sister and wanted to see how the pattern would work up. They will still be able to use this one as they are using the extras to make blankets for the homeless. The site for the knitalong is here but it is closed. I got in just in the nick of time. I missed the last one for the meathead hat, which bummed me out. I love that hat. I'll just have to wait for the book.

Did I mention lately that I HATE to go to the dentist. Well, I went in today for my tooth to be ground down to nothing and for them to fit me for my crown (which will be done in 3 weeks--yay, more dentist fun in my future). Well, while he was drilling away at my tooth he slipped. HE SLIPPED, PEOPLE! which meant that the drill made a piercing, basically, under my tongue. I have a nice size hole under my tongue that, when this numbing agent wears off, is gonna hurt like a son of a bitch. I'm an just sitting here waiting for the first shot of pain to begin. My tooth is already getting sore. I hate to wish my days away, but I really wish it was tomorrow already.

I'm gonna lay down. I'm getting hungry but I can't eat yet. Peace~ DAWN This whole side of my head is not happy.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

I would like to share with you two of my favorite things right now. First off is this gorgeous shade of Noro silk garden #84. It is just the perfect blend of colors. I am so into it right now. Second would be the Winter 06/07 issue of VOGUEknitting Knit Simple. It is packed full of great patterns... and bonus, it has a great tutorial about knitting socks. If you want to learn, take advantage of this issue. You will love all the other goodies in it as well (such as pattern # 6,7,8,9,11,15,and 17). That is your money's worth right there, folks.

Oi! I am having such a day! most of my client this morning canceled or just plain didn't show. I worked on one client for 1/2 hour. I have to go back at 4pm for two more clients then I have a Chamber of Commerce dinner to attend. It's Monday, no doubt.

Be well, everyone and I hope you have a great week. Peace~ DAWN

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Thursday, January 18, 2007
  And The Winner Is?

ME!! I entered a give away at Crochet Chronicles and I won. All this yummy yarn plus the drop spindle and some roving. Wow!! Thank you, Cindy so much. {for some reason blogger isn't showing the button to add links to the page so that is bumming me out). Cindy's link is on my sidebar. Go check her out.

This is what my oldest does at work. He gets bored sometimes and creates his own fun. Yesterdeay he created this little cutie out of their plastic bags. This is how thoughtful he is, he brought bags home for all of us to make our own plastic bag shirts. Nice, huh. Be gentle with your comments (we wouldn't want to stunt his creative growth).

Today is the oldest son's 19th birthday. I'm old. Peace~DAWN
  I Am Red Hot!
Last night I saw one of my FAVORITE bands in concert. The Red Hot Chili Peppers! It was awesome! It was a great concert and we had some really good seats to boot. I took my two older boys as part of their birthday treat plus I bought them tee-shirts (which are outrageous!! in price and yet I paid it anyway). I wanted a hoodie but at $75 a pop, I passed. The young one didn't go but he got a tee, too.

I went to the dentist only to make a second appointment to have the crown done next week. It will probably be a metal crown because we have the shittiest insurance ever and I will have to fork over the $800.00 myself. At least it's a molar. Whatever.

On to brighter things. . . I finished one of my Peace Fleece wool socks yesterday. Yippie do! One more to go and I can keep my toes toastie on the cold winter days.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
  It's My Own Fault, Really. . .

Well, who among us Hates to go to the dentist? (no offense if you are a dentist). You can count me among the many who do. So of course when your temporary crown cracks and breaks off after 10 years of procrastination, who are you gonna blame? Two of my recent dentists have tried to get me to get the permanent crown done and I always say, "yeah, I know. . ." and now I guess I have no choice. I have to go to the dentist on Thursday morning and rightfully get my ass chewed out and then pray he has mercy on me and is gentle in whatever it is he has to do to fix this tooth. I never learn. I was being really good in the last 3 to 4 years and going faithfully to get my teeth cleaned and groomed, etc. and then my husband lost his job and insurance for about 4 months and now that he is employed and we have insurance, I haven't been back. It has been one year and I would say this is the universe telling me to get my butt in gear. Now I will have to set up appointments for everyone so nobody else in my family has to pay the price. Arghhhhhhhh!! tantrum over.

I finished the back of the "boyfriend Cardi". I haven't cast on for the front yet because I need a bit of a break from that yarn and that pattern. I told you this would take awhile. I did however finish a hat! I will get a photo of it later. The weather is really crappy today and the best light for color accuracy is outdoors. It is the Grace Beanie from the Stitch N Bitch desk calendar. Like most of the country we are experiencing the much late winter weather of January. We are very lucky and only have the bitter cold and the dreary rain/mix. I hope those of you with actual ice and snow are doing well and weathering it okay.

I must go and do some chores and quite putting my tongue in the chipped space of my tooth! this is gonna drive me crazy for the next 2 days! Peace~ DAWN


Sunday, January 14, 2007
  This is a test with the new computer

Well, we finally have a new laptop. We went with a MacBook Pro. I am such a Mac virgin, I can't even begin to tell you. We have been playing with it all day and trying new things out. Right now I am seeing if I can post pictures from my iPhoto page and what do you know? It worked. For now, enjoy the photo of all three of the dogs playing Ring Around the Rosie.

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Friday, January 12, 2007
  Technical Difficulties
Please stand by. . . we are experiencing technical difficulties here at Wild Yarn. Computers, don't cha know. I have to fight to get to the main computer and the laptop is soon to become an object for skeet shooting. We are getting a new laptop this weekend, so hopefully I can post more easily and dare I say frequently. Shhh.

Until then have a great weekend and thank you for your patience. We will resume regular blogging next week. Peace peoples~ DAWN


Monday, January 08, 2007
  Right Speech
In case you hadn't thought about the Power that words poses, read this excerpt from Yoga Journal on line:

The bottom line of the Tantric teaching on words is this: Since everything in existence, including rocks and planets, is made out of different densities of vibration—that is, out of coagulated sound—words are not merely signifiers, but actual powers. The strongest transformative energies are locked into those special words called mantras, which when empowered and properly pronounced, can change the course of a life. But ordinary, mundane words also hold their own vibratory force. All speech, especially speech imbued with strong feeling or emotion, creates waves of energy that radiate through our bodies and into the world, vibrating with complementary word streams and helping to create the atmosphere we live in.

Our bodies and subconscious minds hold the residue of every kind or cruel word we've ever taken in. So does the very air and soil. When you feel a particular vibe in a room, chances are that what you notice is the energetic residue of the words that have been spoken there. Words—whether spoken or thought—are constantly altering reality, shifting the vibratory atmosphere in our bodies, in our homes and places of work, in our cities. So the choices we make about what to say and not say are not just of casual importance.

Something to chew on as the week begins and we are faced with challenges with family and co-workers or just people you may meet on your errands. Thoughts are just as powerful as the words themselves so careful what you think as you get cut off in traffic or sneered at in the checkout line. I encourage you to read the entire article for the full effect.

Can you believe no knitting this weekend! ah! watched tons of playoff football on Saturday and went shopping/eating on Sunday. May have to get in a little bit tonite and definately tomorrow. Peace~DAWN


Thursday, January 04, 2007
  Wrap Me In Green

As promised, here is the progress on the boyfriend cardie in the Elann green wool. It is really soft and as you can see it shows the detail of the stitches really well.
I only have about 13 inches done on the back and I need19 before I begin the shoulder/neck shaping. Argh! this is gonna be slow going (I started it just before Christmas). I will report progress as it comes up, just don't expect to see the finished project before the cold weather gives way to summer. This is a cardie for NEXT fall. Luckily I have no illusions, huh? The green of this yarn is a bit deeper than my flash will allow for. It has a bit of heathering in it as well (which I am a sucker for).
If you have never ordered from Elann.com I highly recommend it. The Elann brand of yarns (wool, alpaca, cashmere, cotton) as all awesome. Soft and the colors are very intense. You Can NOT beat the price, especially if you need a lot of yarn for a project and the shipping is so freaking fast, you won't believe it.
I am sitting on a pile of laundry so I must go. . . domestic duties call. Peace~ DAWN


Tuesday, January 02, 2007
  Knitting Update
This is the Kenobi Jacket that I have dubbed "the boyfriend cardie" from KnitScene Spring 2007. Project #1. You can't really see the detail of all the patterns that are going. It is asymmetrical textured panels of moss stitch, reverse stockinette, 1x1 rib and 3x1 rib. I have chosen to use some Elann yarn in a chunky weight (Peruvian Chunky) to get gauge and cut down on the exuberant price tag. Mine is in a dark hunter green. The yarn is 100% wool verses the wool/alpaca mix of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca (which I love but at $8 a skein and a total of 11 skeins needed for the project... ahhh excuse me, I'm worth a lot but shit, I'd like to eat and pay some essential bills, too). This is one of the two "big" projects I have on needles at the moment. The other is the Sun Ray shawl from elann.com. Simple enough, yes. Long and involved, yes too. I'm using Peruvian Pure Alpaca in Oxblood--gorgeous color in person! That and a pair of Peace Fleece wool socks. That is what I am up to on the knitting front. I will post some progress pictures in the next day or so. Have a great Wednesday! Peace~ DAWN

By the way, thanks for the comments, ladies. I always feel bad soliciting comments I guess I just needed to feel the love. As you were.


  Knee Deep in the New Year

Yes, yes the holidays are officially over. Today I go back to work on my regularly scheduled program. I tallied up my earnings for the year and would like to do back flips as I out did my earnings from last year (a total surprise). I got my new schedule book in order and am embarking on a year of total and complete organization (when it comes to keeping up with work papers and progress). The rest, well, I'll probably just wing it and bitch often when I can't find something or freak out when I can't take the mess anymore. You know, the usual.

I got a couple of inches completed this morning on the boyfriend cardie. I am not even done with the back yet but love the progression, as every few inches is a new pattern. Thus, the boredom of 19 plus inches is cut in half to about 50%. I bought the new Stitch n Bitch page a day calendar (on sale for 1/2 off, of course) and picked up a tip on today's page. When knitting things like sleeves that need to be the same length, knit them at the same time on the same needles using 2 separate balls of yarn. So simple and many of you may already know of this trick but it is new to me. I plan on implementing it on the sleeves of the cardie when I get there. Yippee!

No photo today. I thought about it and then thought of the hassle since I'm not sure how many readers I actually have. Not a lot of commenting going on here lately. Not sure what is going on but if you read this drivel I would appreciate a simple "hell yeah, sister" or "right on" every other post or so. To those who do frequent and comment, bless you. . .

School is back on tomorrow and then the house will gradually get back into it's normal routine. I sense that it misses it. I have an added resolution: prepare more home cooked meals (using the crock pot or casseroles). We ate out so much last year you could count the fat rings on my body if you sliced me in half. ENOUGH!

I hope you all have a great beginning to the new year as the week moves along. Peace~ DAWN

~ rented The Libertine and loved it. Johnny Depp got a little scary to look at toward the end but it was a really good movie. Dark, egocentric, sad but not everything should be Talladaga Nights and Beer Fest.


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