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Monday, January 08, 2007
  Right Speech
In case you hadn't thought about the Power that words poses, read this excerpt from Yoga Journal on line:

The bottom line of the Tantric teaching on words is this: Since everything in existence, including rocks and planets, is made out of different densities of vibration—that is, out of coagulated sound—words are not merely signifiers, but actual powers. The strongest transformative energies are locked into those special words called mantras, which when empowered and properly pronounced, can change the course of a life. But ordinary, mundane words also hold their own vibratory force. All speech, especially speech imbued with strong feeling or emotion, creates waves of energy that radiate through our bodies and into the world, vibrating with complementary word streams and helping to create the atmosphere we live in.

Our bodies and subconscious minds hold the residue of every kind or cruel word we've ever taken in. So does the very air and soil. When you feel a particular vibe in a room, chances are that what you notice is the energetic residue of the words that have been spoken there. Words—whether spoken or thought—are constantly altering reality, shifting the vibratory atmosphere in our bodies, in our homes and places of work, in our cities. So the choices we make about what to say and not say are not just of casual importance.

Something to chew on as the week begins and we are faced with challenges with family and co-workers or just people you may meet on your errands. Thoughts are just as powerful as the words themselves so careful what you think as you get cut off in traffic or sneered at in the checkout line. I encourage you to read the entire article for the full effect.

Can you believe no knitting this weekend! ah! watched tons of playoff football on Saturday and went shopping/eating on Sunday. May have to get in a little bit tonite and definately tomorrow. Peace~DAWN



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