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Thursday, September 28, 2006
  Readyl, Set, Post!!
Oh my god! I have been having such a time with blogger today. Good lord! it just won't load up. . . finally I have my chance and I just hope I can get through to the end and hit "post" without any mishaps.

Well, I have a finished object to show you:

These are my second pair of Fetching Gloves. Aren't they just all that? I used 1 and a smidge of a second ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in this terrific blue. I have enough left over for a hat. HA! I made a few modification to this pair to suit my taste:

1. Knit on size 4 needles instead of size 6

2. I decreased one stitch in each section of the knit part of the ribbing on the last 4 rounds (makes it snugger around my knuckles)

3. I did a pattern BO instead of the picot.

I would say that they need to be a tad bit longer but I will wear them and love them just the same. Very soft and warm.

I am in love with a new (and yes, affordable) yarn. Ultra Alpaca from Berroco. If you can not find a color to your liking, you have issues. Not only are the colors gorgeous (and heathery) but you get over 200 yards (okay 212 yards) for about $8.00! Hello!! bonus--it is so soft and so cozy warm. Some of the names could use a bit 'o tweeking so I may just call them what I feel is appropriate. For instance, I bought the Prune Mix (yuck name, most lovely color yarn) so how's about Violet Riot? it has so many flecs of different purples in it. Also, I bought-get ready-Pea Soup Mix (yuck, yuck) so I was thinking Wheat Grass, cause that is really what it looks like. It has shades of yellow and greens mixed in, really fun color. If you get the opportunity to get your hands on some I say do it. I works up really nicely, too. I am making a hat with the violet riot and I have written up my own cable scarf pattern for the wheatgrass. When it is finished I will share the pattern.


Sunday, September 24, 2006
  Charity Hats on a Roll
I have been cranking out the hats for the Rad Bad Beanie deadline I set for myself. I have three more to show you. I ordered a styrofoam head on eBay so my hats will be displayed on it instead of my distracting head.

This first one is my first roll brim hat. Very simple, mind numbing knitting. I am using up bits of stash which makes me very happy. This next one is a simple ribbed hat. I got the recipe out of the latest Knit Simple magazine. I really like the way it decreases on the crown. It is like a little circle. Very neat.

And finally, another roll brimmed hat. This one is made with chunky yarn and so there is no need to stretch it out, just plop it on your head and go. I used up the last bit of Wool Ease chunky in Grass and some leftover bits of tan yarn to finish up the crown.

I hope you all have enjoyed the hat fashion show. I feel like that is all I have made lately. I am working on the second Fetching glove. My desire to finish off the washcloths has stalled out. I really hate working with cotton yarn. I don't care what brand it is (I've tried it all) nor do I care what type of needle I use (I've tried them all)-- simply put, I hate working with cotton yarn. The end result is very pretty and nice, it's just getting there.

We are enjoying some cooler, rainy weather this weekend. Perfect for knitting and watching football and smelling the pot roast in the slow cooker. I adore lazy weekends. I hope you all have enjoyed yours, too.

Peace~ DAWN

Friday, September 22, 2006
  puppy face

puppy face
Originally uploaded by DawnsRays.

Well, for whatever reason blogger will not accept images of Winston. . . imagine that. What sort of evil doesn't like puppy photos? He was chillin on my lap after a hard day of running around. Notice the dirt ring in the shape of a heart around his little nose. Puppy love, I tell ya, it's written all over his face.

Oh, my Knucks are residing at my LYS for the time being. I bought the yarn I used for them there and they asked if I would let them display them for all the knitting world to see. One of the owners kept walking around with them and saying to people, "see what Dawn made" "have you seen the cute gloves that Dawn made". It was kinda funny. I felt a little like a knitting rock star. Nice.

Thursday, September 21, 2006
  Lotorp Bag

This is the LOTORP BAG from Noro Revisited:

Yarn: Noro Kureyon #51 (3 balls--I wanted my strap longer, plus I knitted on one size bigger needles than the pattern called for

Needles: size 7 straights

Finished Measurements 12" w x 22" l (this includes the strap but does not included stretching when stuff is put in the bag--it falls to my palm when full)

Lined and velcro closer added.

***** this is a 5 star knit (5 being the highest)

I have loved this bag from afar for a very long time. I finally bought the book the pattern was in and I love it! Very mindless knitting and the end result is great. I have gotten several complements on it.

Currently on my needles are a second pair of Fetching gloves (this time with a few modifications for my taste) and #4 out of 7 face clothes. I dove into the organic cotten by Blue Sky that was pictured in the last post. Very soft and wonderful cotton yarn to work with. I'm doing this one in a basket weave pattern. When all seven are complete I will do a group shot of all the cloths and the pattens I used for each.

Okay, I had some Winston photos, but Blogger is being a Butthole as usual. So maybe another time. Outtie.

Monday, September 18, 2006
  Monday Already
Is it Monday already? This weekend blew past me! We had a great time out on Sunday. Did the whole shopping thing (even bought a new recliner--the old one was in the permanently reclined position, soon to dump someone on their head). This one is kind of a sage green velvetine and it sits up really high. It works well with the distressed leather sofa and love seat.

I finished up my Noro purse (even lined it), started a new pair of Fetching gloves (this pair is for me) and even began my first roll-brimmed hat. I have half of a dishcloth done. This one done in a Box Stitch. It is really quite pretty. It will be a nice cloth in the bath.

Pictures tomorrow. Have a great start to your week. Peace~ DAWN
Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh, how I love it when my yarn comes delivered to my door. It is so satisfying.
They are all lined up enjoying the pre-fall weather here in Tennessee, waiting patiently for me to decide who gets made into what first. Ahhh, satisfaction.

Here is a little ditty I whipped up for the Rad Bad Beanies cause. It has some left over bits of wool from various projects. I have a couple more FO to share but they need finishing touches put on them first. I have almost finished #2 face cloth out of 6 for my workmates. For Christmas they are each getting a face cloth (sounds better than dishcloth and it is for the bath not the dirty dishes and counters) as well as a nice bar of handmade soap. I may slip in some handmade bathsalts as well. I haven't decided if the mood is gonna strike me or not. If I do they will be made from these Himalayan salts. Good stuff. I'm gonna make some for my family gifts for sure.

Saturday is UFO day and also get the house straightened out day. Bonus, I will be making some delicious peanutbutter oatmeal cookies. Sunday is a shopping/dinner day. I have been planning it for a couple of weeks. Big shopping at some of my favorite stores and then I will take the family out for dinner at, probably, Macaroni Grill. I CANT WAIT! Tonite I'm getting a head start on the Italian meal with a bottle of vino:

Have a great weekend everyone! Peace! DAWN
Thursday, September 14, 2006
  Tummy Trouble
The last few days my tummy has been in distress. I don't know if it is my diet, stress, lack of exercise or (more likely) a combo of the above. So this has been my friend for the past few days:
When it is too hot out for hot tea (which it has been here) then Tazo Ice Teas are my hero. This one has lemon and ginger and is so yummy. I also love the green tea and the Simply Red which tastes just like a cinnamon apple.

We watched the conclusion of Rock Star Super Nova last nite and I have to say that I pretty much called the pick early on. They picked Lucus. I loved Dilana, but I knew that the group wasn't ballsy enough to choose a FEMALE lead singer. She really was the best in my opinion. She'll do much better with out those so called "rockers", anyway.

For your amusement I give you two billboards that are in my town and yes, they are back to back (no photo shopping here--ignore the 'hoveround'). Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  Knew Knitty
First of all I {{bow}} to your generosity on my last two posts. Thank you so much for the kindness.

The new issue of knitty is out and like some others I would like to proclaim my two cents about my favorite patterns in the bunch. Here goes:

All in all this is a great issue! I question the Lizard Ridge pattern. Not the pattern itself, but the amount of Noro used for this project. Pleeeeeease!! Who the hell has that kind of money to throw around. Maybe if some benefactor had a huge heart and willed me all the Noro I could stand, then I'd make it out of that yarn. Otherwise, I suggest a more ecconomical yarn in these times. The mulit colored one is gorgeous but seriously, WTF!

Musical Note: I recently purchased the new Audioslave CD and Marty Casey and Lovehammers CD. Both are great. I love Marty's voice! and both of these cd's have serious guitar playing on them (which wins honors in my book!). Chris Cornell has a voice to melt the sun and their guitarist, Tom Morello, well he has some SERIOUS tats. Check 'em out.

Have a great day, all! Peace~ DAWN

Sunday, September 10, 2006
I did it, I made my first pair of KNUCKS, half-fingers, thumb gussets and all!

I decided not to put on the message because the tweed-like coloring; my next pair will be solid so I can go crazy. I used MISTY ALPACA in sport weight and got a great pair of soft gloves that fit perfectly! I love them. Plus, I have some yarn left over that when doubled will make a nice rib to a Rad Bad hat.

Doggie update: Winston, Buster and Timber are all getting along swimmingly. They are running around and playing tug of war with their toys and it is so cute to see Winston running after Buster knowing that one day he will surpass him is size greatly.

On a gross note: we were watching "Health Inspector" last nite and I looked down at my feet and there were all three dogs licking their balls at the same time. I just thought, "how perfect. . . I really am out numbered in this house." Husband, my dad, 3 sons, and now 3 male dogs. The only time I'm not "alone" is when the girlfriend comes and stays for the weekends. More girly things in the bathroom and smells of perfume and not gas! Yay!!

Happy Weekend! Peace~ DAWN

Saturday, September 09, 2006
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Thursday, September 07, 2006
  Simple Knits
From the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits mag, the Streakers Shrug:

I made mine in Highland Wool from Elann.com. I used 5 balls of the darker blue and 2 of the grey. I followed the pattern exactally (shock!) and it fits just fine, yippie!

I love the lacy cuffs and the fact that I can wear this in my house when I get chilly and it won't get in the way by being to bulky. If you like shrugs (which I do) then this is a nice pattern with enough variation to make it interesting. One thing I learned: don't block ribbing--it takes out the elasticity. I know, I know, "DUH" but we all can't be brilliant all at once, what fun would that be?

Oh, and it only took me a couple of months to crank out. That was sarcasum. I tend to knit three to five things at once and therefore nothing gets done overly quick.

Here is a sneak peek at the next project that will be off the needles soon. I would say by this weekend, but I have to work Saturday and that is going to cut into the knitting time considerably. These are the Knucks from knitty.com. My first attempt at fingers (sorta). I have finished one of them and am glad to report it fits fine so I am excited about getting this one done. I won't put any words on this pair, but the next pair will have a little someum' someum'.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006
  It's Yarnival Time
Because we don't have enough to do on the web, here is a link to a new site that promises to increase our blogroll (or at least the time we spend in front of the computer):

Go, browse, become inlightened. See you tomorrow with pictures of the Interweave Shrug. Does it fit, are the seams straight, would I recommend this pattern to anyone? Tune in tomorrow to find out the answers to these important questions and MORE!

Peace~ DAWN

Sunday, September 03, 2006
  Random House
This is the house that the husband built for the young one. He rarely uses it. Go figure. The oldest one wanted to know if he could abuse it with some spray paint inside so I said go for it. It is to tiny to take pictures, but it is pretty awesome. Then to appease the young one who was not happy about the graffiti, he put on the young ones favorite band of all time (and mine as well) on the outside. If it was a bit bigger I'd play in it.

First 5 songs on the shuffle play of the iPod today:

I am reading Frankenstein now. I was saving it for October but I'm sure it will take me through October to get through it (since I'm slow don't cha know). So far it is really good. As I read it, it is hard for me to comprehend that a young woman of 19 wrote this book in the budding 1800's. Not only that but she lived through some really horrible things in her life. Lots of death. It is not hard to read like some classics can be.

Happy Labor Day to everyone. Peace~DAWN

Saturday, September 02, 2006
  Oh, Delicious Yarn
I discovered the most awesome on-line store. It is YARN RESCUE and though she may not have a lot of yarn in stock, if you can find the yarn that is meant to be recued by you and sent to make the most unique of things, then you too can have something like this:
She is called IZZY and she is 276 yards of bulky goodness that use to be a cropped length turtle neck sweater from Old Navy. Now she will become an Anthropologie Caplet for moi! Soft chocolate, raspberry and strawberry colors that will live happily on me in the (hopfully) near future. My Knit Picks catalog also came in the mail. Happy days!

This weekend will be dedicated to finishing up the Interweaves Shrug. I finished both cuffs and all I have left is:

Till then peeps, have a great Labor Day weekend and may your mailboxes overflow with fiber goodness;)


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