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Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh, how I love it when my yarn comes delivered to my door. It is so satisfying.
They are all lined up enjoying the pre-fall weather here in Tennessee, waiting patiently for me to decide who gets made into what first. Ahhh, satisfaction.

Here is a little ditty I whipped up for the Rad Bad Beanies cause. It has some left over bits of wool from various projects. I have a couple more FO to share but they need finishing touches put on them first. I have almost finished #2 face cloth out of 6 for my workmates. For Christmas they are each getting a face cloth (sounds better than dishcloth and it is for the bath not the dirty dishes and counters) as well as a nice bar of handmade soap. I may slip in some handmade bathsalts as well. I haven't decided if the mood is gonna strike me or not. If I do they will be made from these Himalayan salts. Good stuff. I'm gonna make some for my family gifts for sure.

Saturday is UFO day and also get the house straightened out day. Bonus, I will be making some delicious peanutbutter oatmeal cookies. Sunday is a shopping/dinner day. I have been planning it for a couple of weeks. Big shopping at some of my favorite stores and then I will take the family out for dinner at, probably, Macaroni Grill. I CANT WAIT! Tonite I'm getting a head start on the Italian meal with a bottle of vino:

Have a great weekend everyone! Peace! DAWN

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