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Friday, October 27, 2006
  Singles, Doubles, and Triples

Let us start with the single. This is my second Graduate. He is just too cute, is he not!!! Don't ask were the red hair came from...in real life it is more of a dirty blonde color. Although the red does look smashing on him. He is just to cute! that is his "cat that ate the canary" grin by the way.

Moving on to the doubles. They are temporarily single, however these guys are just hanging out together until their mates get made and they can begin living their lives on my hands and feet. The sock is the one from my class. We meet for the last time on Tuesday but I went ahead and finished the sock. I've started the second one and am on the heal flap portion. They look great! The mitt is from Spirals pattern. Really easy to follow and super cute to boot.

Finally, we come to the triples. These are the three amigos. As you can see, Winston loves his Buster and Timber is just glad to be in where it is full of his favorites peeps (me!) and food.

We are all on the mend around here. Just a little tummy weary. No spicy foods for the moment and still not big on large portions of anything. It seriously kicks on and off in 24 hours. The husband still has been the only one spared around these parts. I'm convinced it's the antibiotics for his finger that are keeping him well. Lucky!!

I had to post these pictures through photobucket because blogger is just not cutting anyone a break lately. What is up? It is really just the picture thing. . . the posting stuff I can deal with but I don't have an hour to waste sitting here waiting for the damn host to put up a picture. It is really bugging the hell out of me. There may be a new domain in my future if this stuff doesn't straighten out. I'm just sayin'. . .
Thursday, October 26, 2006
  Virus! and not of the Computer kind
Oh, the sickness has run rampant through my house. The whole vomit, diarrhea and fever thing. Everyone has had it or has it at the moment except for my husband. I sincerely hope his immune system finds a way around it. I wish this not on my most sinister enemy. Today my 78 year old dad got it. Thankfully it runs its course in 24 hours and leaves you weak and trembling. Today my stomach is still a bit if-y.

I have gotten very little done by way of knitting. Just little bits here and there. I hope by next week to be back in full swing. Until then, I wish you all a happy fall and freedom from sickness!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006
  Keltic Socks
In honor of Socktober I have finished my first pair of ankle socks. They are made from Berroco Keltic (1 skein!!) and a tiny bit of leftover Lionbrand WoolEase and size 5 dpn's. I took three patterns and picked out the parts of each that I liked best to come up with these little beauties. I am wearing them now with my moccasins and my feet feel cozy and warm.

In the photo you can kinda see the new tat. It has finally quite flaking and so I think I am ready for my close-up now. I will have my son take a picture and post it later. It is really a set up piece for a larger tattoo later (when I get drawn up just what I want). That is all you get for now.

Surgery boy is doing really well. He hasn't had to take anything for pain since he had the operation. He finished up his antibiotics and we go back in a few more days for a follow up exam. He has three little holes in his belly. He kinda looks like a snowman with buttons of coal.

This fall weather has felt really great! I hope where you are there is some kind of autumn feeling in the air. I love the chilly mornings and evenings and the mild days. The sky always looks so much more blue on clear fall days that at any other time in the year. Maybe it is the lack of leaves on the trees or the play of different colors from the turning leaves, I don't know. I just love bright blue skies.

Have a great day!!! Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, October 12, 2006
  Can You Say. . .
Laparoscopic appendectomy

Well, I can. My oldest had emergency surgery last nite to have his appendix removed. It did not rupture but was perforated. He had infection starting around the appendix but he was fairly clean otherwise. He did really well in recovery so after about 2 hours of monitoring they discharged him. Now he can't drive, work or go to school for 2 weeks. Not good when you are a freshman in college but what can you do. He is moving really slowly this morning and not in to much pain. He let out a little cough earlier and the world stopped while he refocused from the pain. Anyway, if your kid says they have a stomach ache right below the belly button and then the next day or so it is on the lower right side of the abdomen, go to the doctor. Children ages 11 to 20 (esp. males) from October through May -- hot spots for appendicitis. Now you know.

I got a little sock knitting done in the waiting room. Then discovered after putting it on that I wanted the top part longer. Today I get to rip it all out. It is not the sock from class, that one is going slowly and steady. This is a little ankle sock. They will be dubbed the "hospital booties" after they are done.

My youngest got his school picture proofs back yesterday. He is just like my middle son, he doesn't like to show his teeth when he smiles. Not to mention I let him eat blue cotton candy on the way to school that morning. I know, what kind of mother am I? We won't go there, let's just say that chewing gum works wonders from removing dye from teeth in a pinch. He still didn't want to show his teeth. The pictures turned out great just the same. He loves his long hair, I couldn't even trim it up before the photo.

Have a great day and may it be uneventful in the way of emergencies. Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
  Great Day for a Sock Class
Well, we will get to the sock saga in a moment. First of all, I wanted to share my fame (ha, ha). I received my copy of the 2007 Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar. I am Ms. January 5, 2007:

I'm so proud. It's a really soft and cozy scarf cause it's made with Red Heart Symphony.

We had such a great weekend. Friday I got another tattoo. I'll take a picture in a couple of days. Saturday we saw The Departed, excellent movie--Go See It!! and Sunday we went to an Irish Pub for Irish food and live Irish music. It was so much fun and the food was great and the price was really good! We sang and laughed and drank pints of Guiness (my personal favorite). Anyway, it is back to the regular work week now.

Okay, sock class is today. I am excited and all but. . . well, I found this awesome book at Books A Million (Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen) and I highly recommend it:

It has some great great patterns and information about charities (including personal stories of how they got started). It is just a great book for your pattern library. Inside, the second pattern was for thick socks called Peace Fleece Classic Wool Socks. I read through the pattern and found it called for size 5 dpn's and ww wool. The pattern was really well written and so I thought, "I finished my homework for sock class--6" of ribbing--what the hell".

And so this was born:

It's not the most beautiful of socks, but I made it!! hello, I made a sock! I am so full of happiness. This will remain our little secret. I don't want to go into class and be like "look what I did over the weekend". They may stone me with dpn's and yarn balls. It fits, too. I've already begun the second sock. I figure they will be nice to slip on at nite while watching t.v. My tootsies get cold and these are thick and warm. Hehe.

Got to get ready for class. Have a great week everyone. Peace~DAWN

Friday, October 06, 2006
  Winston and Buster

Well here is a shot of Winston with his best bud, Buster. They are such pals. Winston was laying on the blanket when Buster came over and grabbed himself some blanket, too. They love to play together. Buster gets snippy with him if he get to close when he is nawing on a bone but other than that it is pretty much like you see here.

We had a nice time roasting "MINI marshmellows" the other nite. My son wanted to poke around the firepit on the deck and all I had for roasting were the tiny marshmellows. If you stack about 5 on a skewer they toast up pretty damn quick! I since have found a package of large marshmellows but I now have a new found taste for the tiny bunch.

Hey, it's Friday!! enjoy your weekend. Yippie!! Peace~DAWN
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
  Sock It To Me, Baby
Well, I went to my first sock class yesterday and had a ball. There are 5 of us in the class and I probably have the most experience (if you can call it that). I was just flying through the casting on and knitting on DPN's (this time with four instead of my usual three). Our homework is to knit about 6" of our ribbing for the top of the sock and then we will get into the heel. Yikes! this is the part that makes me a bit nervous. All that twisting and turning and picking up and decreasing. But I know that it will be fine and I will have a spiffy pair of socks in a safe colorway made for just my tootsies. I am already thinking about the next pair and what kinds of yarn colors I want them to be. Sad isn't it.

I have had to put down the cable scarf for a bit but will work on it some when my "homework" is done. I also have started a cute little kid sweater for the Dulaan project. I ordered some nice wool from handpaintedyarn.com and am working on a pattern from One Skein (which it isn't, by the way. It takes way more than one skein and I'm sorry but one skein of 5 different colors does not qualify as "one skein" in my knitting world). I did finish this neat little hat made from Paton's SWS yarn. I love the colorway stripes. It is nice and soft and shinny.

We will probably get down all the Halloween stuff and get busy decorating the house this weekend. The young one is getting antsy. Most of our neighbors put out bales of straw and stack pumpkins and little scarecrow on top and sprinkle pots of mums in yellow and orange to add that country flair. We tend toward the macabre and do the whole scary, spidery, "turn-back-now" stuff. We are going mask shopping tomorrow for the youngest costume. He likes masks. What can I say.

Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
  Think Pink
October is the time to bring Breast Cancer into the forefront of our culture and hopefully make some improvement in treatment. My mother passed away from breast cancer 5 years ago. I wish that on no one and hope above all hope that if you know someone with breast cancer or are fighting it yourself, that you gain strength in knowing that my prayers as well as many others are with you.

I don't know what the hell is going on in this country. WHY ARE PEOPLE SHOOTING OUR KIDS IN SCHOOL! I can't even begin to articulate how upsetting this is, how sad and deplorable. I hold these people in my thoughts and can only hope that brighter days are ahead for them as well as all of the people in the U.S. We seriously need to get a grip.

Finally on this cheer filled post, Haynesworth, you don't need to be playing football professionally anymore. Simply put, you are fired. If anyone of us went to work and stomped on a co-workers head we could bet that tomorrow we maybe looking at criminal charges and definitely no future paycheck from that company. Hello, where is the logic? Professional sports is not a game, it is a job and it comes with a heightened dose of responsibility because it is in the publics face.

I'm feeling a little disgruntled today (not enough to go out and harm people, cause I have a conscience--that was judgmental, but frankly some accountability needs to be taken and I'm tired of all the excuses--I won't even get started on Mark Foley and his appetite for teenage boys-sick bastard).

On an upbeat note: I start my sock knitting class this morning and I am really looking forward to it. Thank goodness for knitting, the seat of sanity in these insane times.
Peace and blessings to you all~DAWN
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