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Thursday, October 12, 2006
  Can You Say. . .
Laparoscopic appendectomy

Well, I can. My oldest had emergency surgery last nite to have his appendix removed. It did not rupture but was perforated. He had infection starting around the appendix but he was fairly clean otherwise. He did really well in recovery so after about 2 hours of monitoring they discharged him. Now he can't drive, work or go to school for 2 weeks. Not good when you are a freshman in college but what can you do. He is moving really slowly this morning and not in to much pain. He let out a little cough earlier and the world stopped while he refocused from the pain. Anyway, if your kid says they have a stomach ache right below the belly button and then the next day or so it is on the lower right side of the abdomen, go to the doctor. Children ages 11 to 20 (esp. males) from October through May -- hot spots for appendicitis. Now you know.

I got a little sock knitting done in the waiting room. Then discovered after putting it on that I wanted the top part longer. Today I get to rip it all out. It is not the sock from class, that one is going slowly and steady. This is a little ankle sock. They will be dubbed the "hospital booties" after they are done.

My youngest got his school picture proofs back yesterday. He is just like my middle son, he doesn't like to show his teeth when he smiles. Not to mention I let him eat blue cotton candy on the way to school that morning. I know, what kind of mother am I? We won't go there, let's just say that chewing gum works wonders from removing dye from teeth in a pinch. He still didn't want to show his teeth. The pictures turned out great just the same. He loves his long hair, I couldn't even trim it up before the photo.

Have a great day and may it be uneventful in the way of emergencies. Peace~ DAWN

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