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Saturday, July 30, 2005
  Fun Photos

This is the oldest doing his interpretation of a handstand. You will notice the form and grace with which he executes each step in the process. Also, notice how he takes time out to "ham it up" for the camera in photo 2.

Here is a beautiful blue butterfly (I'm not familiar with the genius, so feel free to name that butterfly if you want to) it is feasting on the lantana that decided it liked the area in the rose garden so much it was gonna do an urban sprawl kinda thing. That's okay, the roses look like shit in all this heat, anyway. I think I'll get more lantana next year.
Also, in the weeks to come, I will post a picture of the peach tree and all of its bounty before we harvest. It is loaded. You can kinda see it in the background of the "handstand" photos. I for see lots of peach cobbler in our future!! YUM

Peace~ DAWN

Friday, July 29, 2005
  Camera Problem Solved (sorta)
Well, we got the camera back up and running for the time being. It is being a butt. I think the terminal for the batteries is dirty so we cleaned it up a bit last nite but it still needs more elbow grease. When I say we, this is how it goes: honey, I think the terminals have crud on them, here, clean it up and see if that was the problem. This is where I hand the camera to the husband and he does his thing.

Here is a picture of the new sneakers I got for my birthday. I love them. They are so cute and very 80's, but what isn't now a days? I also posted a picture of the pretty flowers that my day got for me for my birthday. I love all the colors so much.

Today is the young ones first day of fourth grade. We took him to school loaded down with a brand new backpack full of fresh school supplies and he marched in sat down and didn't look back. I walked off and then decided I couldn't leave without saying bye, so I peeked in and caught his eye and waved and then took off. He will either say, "why didn't you come in and say bye?" OR he will totally block out the experience and pretend I was some lunatic woman. Although, a lot of the other kids in the class know who I am *hehe*

This is not how we sent him to school, although we did toy with the idea last nite. That is my oldest sons football jersey and pads. He was giving the young one partial experience and then they proceeded to knock each other down. The dogs got in on the act as well, but those pictures looked as though I had some sort of malling going on so I decided to keep it simple.

I am work free until after I pick the kiddo up from school and then I work till 7:30. I was so excited to have the first half of the day off. That is until I realized how much shit I need to do around here. Laundry is top on the list, then there is cleaning the bathroom *yuck!* and of course just general pick up and throw away or pick up and put back. Do you know how messy a house can get when you leave three boys, their father and your father at home all day without a womans intervention? It is shocking. Truely. Oh, but I have already made one more square for the swap ( I think that makes 14 or so--wooohoo ). I will be making more today, trust me.

Have a great day everyone; Peace~ DAWN

Thursday, July 28, 2005
  Still here
No, I didn't have a birthday and forget how to blog. I had a GREAT birthday and want to thank all those who left nice birthday wishes for me in my comments section. {{sweet}}
I got a great pair of sneaks (checker board pattern) and some roses and some great candles and homemade pillow with some awesome fabric, and if my camera weren't on the blink I'd show you.

My blogging and blog viewing have been greatly imposed upon by work. When I am off I am bushed and want to just vegg. It will be even rougher because school starts tomorrow for the young one and the other massage therapist quit yesterday and I have to hold down her schedule starting Monday until we get another therapist in to split up the shift. Aughhhh! I have been working on squares for the square swap and wondering what the hell to do for my secret pal when that pops up in my email.

This has been a topsy turvy month. I like normal, routine scheduling and this has been anything but and I don't for see it evening out for a few more months. My husband will probably be starting a new job in August and with it will come financial bumps that I'm not sure I am ready for, but hey. . . this is life and it doesn't have a pause button, so we roll on.

I'm just spewing stuff out right now and none of it is crochet related except the above mentioned square swap. Hopefully this weekend I can get myself together better and get some updated shots up. I was suppose to work on Saturday, but that got cancelled (yeah, Dawn needs a break).

Have a great day, ya'll. Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, July 21, 2005
  Bad Days and the Things Kids Say
Well, let me start out with a confession: I had a crappy day at work on Wednesday and must confess that I came home and vented to my husband for far longer than a rational human being should have. Then Thursday morning while listening to my iPod (I now have 241 songs, thank you) I came across Veruca Salt's "Seether" and thought how appropriate all the lyrics in that song were to my behavior the day before. I'm better now and this post is part of the reason why:
Fern House Studio. The whole post for July 18th was great, but when I got down to the happy Buddhist monk, well. . . he's just so damn happy with his sparkler and all. Anyway, I feel better and (fingers crossed) won't come home seething like that again.

Okay, now for the things kids say. The following is a verbatim exchange between me and my 9 year old SON.

I was making squares for the Square Swap at Crochetville and got out a ball of yarn I had wound on the yarn winder and I say to my son,
"Look, it looks like a little yarn cake."
He replies, "Yeah, with a tampon coming out of it."

I swear that is exactly what he said. "What?!" "Sorry mom, that's what it looks like."

Well, that ought to teach me. . . But probably not.
Have a Happy and Healthy Friday, Oh and in case I don't post this weekend. . .
Tomorrow is my Birthday, YEAH!!
Peace~ DAWN

I stole these questions from the last page of Breathe magazines May/June issue. Thought it might be fun and give us some insight into each other. Feel free to play along on your blog if you wanna:

Wow, that was pretty fun. Now, interview yourself and see what you come up with. It's best not to over think it, just ask the questions and go with what first pops in your head ( I still don't know where the Seven Dwarfs came from ).

Have a great day, Peace~ DAWN

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  Hot Summer Days
Whoa~ I don't know about where you all live, but around here the humidity is killer! Ugh--I still love summer, though. I just felt like complaining a little.

Here is
Dots Little Ditty Bag I promised a picture of a few days ago. It seems to be all the rage over at Crochetville right now. It is ultra cute and a quickie for those who need a fix. Pardon the glowing thumb in the photo. I'm not a photographer (obviously). I showed it open so you can get the gist of what it can hold. A little ditty, indeed. Sometimes that is all you need.

I was ROAKed yesterday!! these are the lovelies that I received.

An anonymous giver in Texas shared some mighty fine beading and a great plastic bag holder with me. I feel so special. I love getting home and having a package that I wasn't expecting waiting there for me. I only know it was from Texas because of the post-mark. That is as deep into the research dept. that I'm going. THANK YOU ROAKer!!

I broke down and joined the square swap at Crochetville as well as the Autumn Secret Pal. I kept checking out the swap thread and people kept posting pictures of the squares they had made so far and I kept looking at my need to dwindle stash and . . . it was a no brainer. Watch as I now loose my mind trying to crank out 35 squares by October 21st. Oh, I hear you: "It's only a square a day, Dawn". Well, I'm not Miss Quickie Crochet. I will procrastinate and then freak out and then do a bunck at one time.

Have a great day. . . must go to work
Peace~ DAWN

Sunday, July 17, 2005
  Sex Wax?
Sex Wax is a brand of wax that you use on your surfboard. Or in my sons case, he uses it for his skateboard (for tricks). And... it smells good. What did you think it was, hummmm?
Another tag line for it is:
Sex Wax--the best for your stick
Saturday, July 16, 2005
  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Well, here we are all dressed and ready to go to the movies. Yes, this was the day we've been waiting for for several months (sad, but true). And let me tell you, it was so worth the wait. This movie was the original (dare I say it. . .YES!) only BETTER. Truly. It was true to the original movie in all the right spots and it took from the book in all the right spots. The ending was far better in this one than the original. I just think Johnny Depp is a great actor. I'm not just saying that cause I would stalk him; he truly is brilliant. The kids in the movie were perfectly cast and you get to know Willie Wonka and why he is the recluse that he is (and why he has the most outstanding teeth!). If you like Roald Dahl and the first movie, you will love this movie: I swear. If you don't believe me, would you believe the "after the movie" photo?

Just look at those thumbs up (especially the little one; Wowzers). Is that an endorsement or what.
Here are some things to look for in the movie:
*an It's a Small World moment, only with flames
*the invisable elevator (ha!)
*the dancing and singing Oompahs (they are way hipper than the old ones)
*Cotton Candy sheep? what do you think?

Okay, enough of that. I did get some crochet in but you will have to wait till tomorrow for the picture of Dot's Little Ditty bag. Mainly cause I want to read some more in my book selection of the moment (see side bar, you know you wanna).
Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  I Feel Strapping

As promised, here are some photos of the tank's straps. Not overly interesting shots, but then again, they're only straps. Very important, I agree, but understated for a reason. These have a tendency to twist a little, so it wouldn't be out of line to suggest maybe giving them a little tack in place with some matching thread.

Or not, whatever. The twisting doesn't bother me, per say, but someone who wants to try them might not be as forgiving *grin*.
I've gotten a lot of nice complements on it. I think people on the whole are surprised to see crochet tops and such. There is still such snobbery about crochet being relegated to the bathroom or to granny squares (in such colors as orange, brown and that mustard yellow that belongs on decaying foliage). Newport News and Speigal are branching out to fashions on the crochet side, but still the average "joe-lita" still holds crochet to the grand-ma standard. {you wonderful people reading this are much more sophisticated and hip, of course} One day I want to learn to knit, but crochet will always be my 'first love'.

On to some more F.O. The doily under the pretty flowers from my gardens is called Tea Time. Denise Augostine has some of the best doily patterns on the net. If you are looking for a doily to try, check out her webpage. You won't be disappointed. As for the bath puff; don't hate me. I can't remember where I found the pattern. I printed it out but forgot to print the web addie. Oops. It is made with 5 individual circles and they are joined with the hanggie. It is super simple and cute and puffy. I made it with nylon yarn (you know the kind for mess canvas projects, ssshhhh). Anyhow, when it gets wet, it softens up and works greaat.

Well, I hope you all have a great day. I have a one hour massage scheduled for later today and I can't wait. Being a massage therapist, I practice what I preach.

Peace all~ DAWN

Sunday, July 10, 2005
  Summer Top and Candy

Yeah! it only took me forever!! procrastinator that I am. Here is the finished Sherbet Tank by Jess. Here are my specs. It is made with four balls of Shine by Knitpics. Size H hook. I made the soild portion longer than the "hole-y" portion and I changed my straps. Instead of the solid ones in the original pattern, I did two skinny straps and twisted them at the top. My camera's batteries are acting up so you don't get a close-up of the straps (yet)-- I'll get up up, I will I will. I changed the straps cause like I said in an earlier post I had a vision and they looked like this. The main reason is I'm so impatient when it comes to repetative taskes and the thought of making two 14 inch by 1 1/2 in straps made me want to pull my hair out. This was my short cut solution. I still am not a fan of the bubble gum pink. It is called Orchid, but it looked more purpleish in the picture. Damn. Oh, well. Guess I will have to embrace my feminine side when I put this one on.

On to the next topic: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Next weekend, baby, next weekend. I can't wait. I told my son the last time we saw a preview and I snorted my way threw it (I snort when I laugh sometimes) that I will probably need to be sedated to watch this movie cause the trailer looks hilarious. Regardless of the merits of the movie. . . I love Johnny Depp. I do. I really really do. I think I could possibly be transformed into a staker if we were neighbors. Johnny would come out to get his paper in the morning and I be there, "good morning John, how's it going today?" He'd get in his car to go to work and I'd be watering the lawn, "hey, John, have a great day at work!" He'd come home late at nite after way to much partying and I'd be out, oh I don't know, taking my garbage to the curb, "Johnny, hi. Have a nice nite out?". It would get me into a lot of trouble. Not to mention the fact that my husband would probably object.

Okay, I have a big week at work on the books. I will try to post some little things. I hope that the Tank top gives you a bit of a fix for the next couple of days though. Peace~ DAWN
Saturday, July 09, 2005
I was surfing the blog roll this morning and came upon a picture that almost made me pee in my pants. Not a great visual, but if you don't find this picture funny you seriously need a funny-bone adjustment. Go to PunkRockKnitter's blog and read it. You have to click on the kitty picture at the end to get it. Thanks Kaity!

I'm still stuck as to what to make next. I need to finish the straps on my sherbert tank top. Guess that made my decision for me. I had a vision yesterday so I'm changing the straps to something less conventional. Hope it works out. Hopefully it will be done by the first of the week.

Sorry I'm not more interesting today. It's early, I'm hungry and I really just wanted to give you something light to read. Hope Kaity's picture did it for you.
Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, July 07, 2005
  London calling
Today, anyone worth their salt as a human being is a Londoner and we grieve and pray and hope in our hearts for a peace filled future. Blessings be with all those who lost loved ones and to those who now need to heal.

This is what I posted on John's website and I wanted to share it here as well in hopes that it would give us all a chance to remember how precious life is and how very sensless violence can be.
Peace all~ DAWN
  If I Had a Hammer. . .

Okay, don't cry over spilt milk unless it happens to be kool-aid and it spills on a baby blanket being made for a gift!!!!! So, you say you can't see the little pink spots (left by the Cat in the Hat), well... they're there, by God, they're there. I see them. There are two of them and although I see them, I pray that A. is so over come at the little lunch for the little tyke inside her that see dosen't notice. If she does, I'll blame it on the manufactuer. Those damn yarn companies! My husband feels so bad. He keeps apologizing and I keep saying, it's okay. Just look how happy the little bear seems with this cuddly, fluffy blankie. *grin, grin*

On to a new but old topic. I started a doily in April. When I stopped I only had 4 rows left. What would keep me from finishing such a project when it is so near completion? Who knows. I get distracted easily. Any who. . . I pulled it out this morning and was bound and determined to finish it before I put anything else on my hooks. Wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find the *bleepin'* pattern. I didn't have it saved on the computer either. Here is where the Archives on our blogs comes in. I've always hated having the damn archives on my sidebar. Well, no more complaining (albeit in my own head) about the archives. Now I know first hand why they are there. So, without further ado, I give you the
Square Pineapple Doily

So, what am I planning on for now? Who knows. But you know it won't take long. I do know that I don't want to have go out and buy more yarn. I have plenty of yarn here to choose from. I really need to de-stash.

Okay, have a great day and if you havn't see the show "30 Days" on Fx on Wednesday nites at 8:00 (central time) well, I highly recommend it.
Peace~ DAWN
Wednesday, July 06, 2005
  I see London, I see France.....
Congrats to London for landing the Olympics.

Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July. We had unexpected guests (well, they really came to see my dad, who lives with us). My sister and her family from Georgia came over for the weekend. The 4th is my sisters birthday. I just wish she would give us more than an 8 hour notice that she is on the way! Because they all came they brought their Jack Russell. That combined with our German Shepard and Beagle, not a good combination considering that they are all MALE. Only one close call as Otto (their dog) was coming out of the bedroom to go outside for his business and Timber and Buster had come in to eat. They almost got a four legged snack.

I have three and a half rows left on the baby blanket and wouldn't you know. . . disaster strikes. On the 4th, my husband turned over a large, full glass of red, I repeat RED kool-aid onto the blanket and an assortment of my books. I snapped it up and ran it under cold water. I couldn't wash it because I haven't tied any of it off, yet. So as it hung, drip drying in the garage I looked at the blue, green and white blanket with little specks of pink! and thought- - - Spray N Wash better be as good as they say. I will finish it today and then begin the task of stain removal and then I will post a picture and hopefully have good news. As for the books, well lets just say pink is the new "in" color for the binding and edging, didn't you know that?

Have a great day! Peace~ DAWN

Friday, July 01, 2005
  Scrub a Dub Dub

Who doesn't love a freshly made washcloth? This pattern was so easy and thanks to the Compendium of Finishing Techniques I found the perfect edging to add to make my cloth complete. This is the nicest cotton yarn to work with and it feels really great against the skin. Yeah!! Love the avacado color, too. I changed the edging because I wasn't crazy about the one in the pattern. I have another skein of the avacado so I will be making a mate to this one.

We are having a heck of a thunder storm at the moment. It came out of nowhere and I better get going before the power goes out.
Have a Great Day!! Peace~ DAWN
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