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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  I Feel Strapping

As promised, here are some photos of the tank's straps. Not overly interesting shots, but then again, they're only straps. Very important, I agree, but understated for a reason. These have a tendency to twist a little, so it wouldn't be out of line to suggest maybe giving them a little tack in place with some matching thread.

Or not, whatever. The twisting doesn't bother me, per say, but someone who wants to try them might not be as forgiving *grin*.
I've gotten a lot of nice complements on it. I think people on the whole are surprised to see crochet tops and such. There is still such snobbery about crochet being relegated to the bathroom or to granny squares (in such colors as orange, brown and that mustard yellow that belongs on decaying foliage). Newport News and Speigal are branching out to fashions on the crochet side, but still the average "joe-lita" still holds crochet to the grand-ma standard. {you wonderful people reading this are much more sophisticated and hip, of course} One day I want to learn to knit, but crochet will always be my 'first love'.

On to some more F.O. The doily under the pretty flowers from my gardens is called Tea Time. Denise Augostine has some of the best doily patterns on the net. If you are looking for a doily to try, check out her webpage. You won't be disappointed. As for the bath puff; don't hate me. I can't remember where I found the pattern. I printed it out but forgot to print the web addie. Oops. It is made with 5 individual circles and they are joined with the hanggie. It is super simple and cute and puffy. I made it with nylon yarn (you know the kind for mess canvas projects, ssshhhh). Anyhow, when it gets wet, it softens up and works greaat.

Well, I hope you all have a great day. I have a one hour massage scheduled for later today and I can't wait. Being a massage therapist, I practice what I preach.

Peace all~ DAWN


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