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Sunday, February 26, 2006
  Felted Memo Bag CORRECTION
It was brought to my attention that there was a problem with the felted memo bag pattern. I have figured it out and made the correction to the Chevron Flap portion. Please feel confident that you can now make this bag without wanting to rip your hair out and curse my name. Sorry for any inconvenience it caused. A big thank you to Amy and Deneen for helping me see the error in my pattern.

The Beatrice Shrug has finally sunk in. I can now work the rows without looking at the pattern. It took re-doing the first 4 rows about 3 times before I got it. I wrote the pattern out on lines on an index card and it was easier to follow and then I stared at the pattern forever till I saw the pattern repeat itself for me. Here is my progress so far:

It is coming along nicely. Now I only hope when it comes time to seem it up, it goes like it should. I really like the color choices I made. I was a little worried, but seeing the stripe sequence that I choose, I'm really pleased.

That's all for now. Get back to your business. . . .
Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, February 23, 2006
  Ophelia Bolero
The bolero is complete. I wore it to work yesterday and got a lot of nice complements on it.
Here is the front (obviously)

Here is the back

I'm not having a really great day, so this is all I'm gonna post. I probably will be a lazy blogger for awhile. I hope you will continue to check in, though. Hope you all have a really great day.

Peace~ DAWN

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
This is just a teaser post, really. I finished the bolero and it fits!!!! Yippie!! I will have to wait and post a picture of it on Thursday, however. I know, I know. . . not fair, but I did warn you that this was a tease didn't I? Anyhow, what with work and no one around to take of picture of me in it, it will just have to wait. I like to see a garment on a person, not just hanging there. You get a better feel for it.

In the mean time, I have begun work on my next ME project. It is The Beatrice Shrug from Berroco patterns. I am using KnitPicks yarn Shine in Cream, Sand and Harvest. It is a very complicated pattern. I am three rows into it and hopefully it will begin to roll off the hook soon. Right now, if the phone rings or someone asks me a question, I loose my place and cuss. It better fit, people. I swear it better!

Well, the sun is shining and the weather has definitely taken a turn for the better today. I am so happy to see sunshine. I may just go stand in it for a bit before I go pick up my young one and then head off to work. It's gonna be a late one tonite so my husband has to take American Idol for me. I don't have any good reason why I watch that show. It really just sucked me in last year so I figure, why not this year. Gilmore Girls is a repeat so I won't be missing anything there *whew*. Hope you all have a great day and stay tuned for Thursdays Ophelia Reveal!!
Peace~ DAWN
Monday, February 20, 2006
  Presidents Day Off
Yeah! I have Presidents day off. So do the kids. The poor husband is the only one who has to go to work. Not that it is a beautiful day here or anything. It is freakin' cold and cloudy and just plain blah! so it's not like you wanna get out and enjoy the crappy weather. It's nice for making muffins or reading or crocheting or making art in general. Plus doing chores, but shhhh, cause I don't plan on doing to much of that today. I will make yummy chicken and creamy wild rice and some broccoli for dinner and supervise the laudry goings on and the dish washing. I like being in charge. Cool job.

Here are a couple of batches of Handmade Cards for Postcrossing:

These where made with a Smoking technique for the background. You can't really see it here, but in person it is pretty cool. Plus, I made up some "characters" on the bottom card and I really like that one.

Here we have wild life collages. I have one more done with my youngests science worksheet, but I have to put it on a base and cut it out. I'll save that one for the next group.

Crochet news: I have one sleeve complete and about 1/2 of the second one and then all I have to do is the edging and the bolero is complete.

Hope you all have a great day and if you didn't have to work *high five*. Peace~ DAWN

Saturday, February 18, 2006
  Alpaca Hats Cause it's COLD!

These are Baby Alpaca Hats. The red one is the one I made for the oldest son's girlfriend and the stripe one is for moi. I had scraps leftover from her hat, my son's brown hat and a pink hat I donated to charity. So after all that giving, I got something in return. I love it cause it is so soft and warm. We need warm right now cause we are in the middle of snow/sleet and it is slushy and frozen outside. I makes for nice pictures but man oh man you do not want to drive in this stuff.

I have had much better sleep the last few nights. Thanks for all the well wishes. We are going through some changes at work right now and I guess it was just plaguing my mind.

I have been crocheting away today on the Ophelia Bolero. I have the two sides attached to the back and am working on the first sleeve. I think I may make this short sleeved. I will try it on when it gets to the elbow and see how it looks. If I like it like that then that is how it will be. Besides, it's rather holy (not blessed) and so long sleeves seem pointless. It will look nice over a tank top or something. Then I have my next project all picked out and the yarn to boot. I can't wait to get started but I promised myself not until the bolero is done.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, February 16, 2006
I am offically functioning on very little sleep with a massive headache pressing in on my eyes and forehead. I woke up at 3:30 a.m with hyped-up Monkey Mind and I could not fall back to sleep for all the crap that was playing tag in my head. None of it mattered. None of it was important, but there it was anyway; keeping me awake. I think I passed out at 5:45 only to be woken up at 6:00 by my husband asking "so you woke up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep?" Apparently I was tossing and turning and keeping him awake, too. How thoughtful.

I did however make a tasty banana/strawberry smoothie for brunch and it was very good. I left out the smoothie maker so I could whip up one for my youngest when he gets home from school. He likes them, too.

I have almost finished the second side of the Ophelia bolero. Man, it is slow going. I just have no ambition at the moment. Hence my lack of blogging. The fog in my head is not helping at the moment, either. I did finish the girlfriends earflap hat and am currently awaiting the drive to finish my sons. I'll get a picture of hers up soon.

Oh, Valentines day was great. Lots of flowers, a crowded dinner at the local O'Charlies and a beautiful heart necklace from my sweetie. Awwwww.....

Here's to better days, people. ~ DAWN
Sunday, February 12, 2006
  Music and a Movie
We just got back from the movies. We saw "The Pink Panther" (which is the ring tone on my phone, by the way). It was hilarious! I loved Peter Sellers in the original and for a remake I can't think of anyone better to take his role than Steve Martin. It was soooo good. If you are a fan of the original or of Steve, then you have to see this. On a side note there are some future movies that by the trailers alone are gonna kill at the box office: Over the Hedge (cartoon), The Bench Warmers and RV (with Robin Williams).

Onto music. I just bought James Blunt "Back to Bedlam" and am loving it. I like the fact that it doesn't have the music machine stink on it. It is very open and raw. Great musically and lyrically. Yes, I know that the song "you're beautiful" has been hijacked by every advertising ladder climber, but it is still a lovely song. I like it, still. The cover art is pretty cool, too. Very movement oriented.

We have had hit and miss snow showers on and off all weekend which is just making a mess of everything outside. It is yucky, cold and just generally unpleasant. I really don't like the cold and I really don't like snow. It is pretty on a postcard or out a window but to have to go out in it. . . burrrrrrrr

My husband is totally happy. He is watching the Bud Shoot Out. It is a prelude to what my life is like now that racing season is upon us once again. Personally, it is perfect background for taking a nap. You know, the whole 'white noise' thing. Except for the annoying announcers. Apparently, announcers are boring and a bit ignorant sounding no matter what sport or event they are hosting.

Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, February 09, 2006
  Snow Day?
Well, Tennessee strikes again. With the promise of snow in the forecast last nite, the powers that be panicked and canceled school (at least for the older two). The poor young one goes to city school and they tend to be a little more cavalier when it comes to the weather, apparently and so he had to brave the "elements" as it were and go to school. There was a powdered sugar coating of snow on things this morning, however the roads where clear and since it didn't reach below freezing, the roads where not slick. So what the hell is a snow day in middle Tennessee? Who knows, but if it ever really does snow here I do NOT want to be around to see the fall out.

I finished the Three Junes this morning. Excellent book. A little on the slow side. It's not a real page turner, but it does keep you coming back for more. You kinda want to know that these people are alright. It is comforting in the way that real life is. You wake up and make it through your day and if a house doesn't explode with you in it or you car doesn't go off a cliff, you win, see you tomorrow. Now, I get to start Ahab's Wife. I have been waiting to read this book but was determined to finish The Three Junes (confession, the last three books I started bored me to tears and so I put them back on the shelf, money well spent).

I have made little progress on the Ophelia Bolero. The back is done and almost on side piece. I got some yarn I ordered yesterday and will now make a couple of hats. One for my son's girlfriend and one for him. They should go fairly quickly.

Tonight we are off to the accountant. We get to see just how screwed the IRS can make you feel. Since I have my own business, so to speak(independent contractor, blah, blah) this year we need someone else to tell us what to do. I will owe some money but I tucked away a tidy some from each paycheck for such an occasion, so I am covered there.

Off to do laundry.
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