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Saturday, February 18, 2006
  Alpaca Hats Cause it's COLD!

These are Baby Alpaca Hats. The red one is the one I made for the oldest son's girlfriend and the stripe one is for moi. I had scraps leftover from her hat, my son's brown hat and a pink hat I donated to charity. So after all that giving, I got something in return. I love it cause it is so soft and warm. We need warm right now cause we are in the middle of snow/sleet and it is slushy and frozen outside. I makes for nice pictures but man oh man you do not want to drive in this stuff.

I have had much better sleep the last few nights. Thanks for all the well wishes. We are going through some changes at work right now and I guess it was just plaguing my mind.

I have been crocheting away today on the Ophelia Bolero. I have the two sides attached to the back and am working on the first sleeve. I think I may make this short sleeved. I will try it on when it gets to the elbow and see how it looks. If I like it like that then that is how it will be. Besides, it's rather holy (not blessed) and so long sleeves seem pointless. It will look nice over a tank top or something. Then I have my next project all picked out and the yarn to boot. I can't wait to get started but I promised myself not until the bolero is done.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Peace~ DAWN

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