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Thursday, June 30, 2005
  Buy Bulk!

We went to Sams Club today (got one of those "check us out for free"-ha passes). I scoff at free because if you go you will leave with a bulk item of some sort and it is gonna cost you. Here is our most ecclectic list:

I just finished the book "Confessions of a Pagan Nun". Excellent novel. Excellent. Here is another quote from the book:

I know that to be human is to suffer. But even suffering can be sacred if it compels one to give and receive kindness and to despise harmful acts.

I could quote on and on, believe me. I am a book-marker. I highlight, underline, make notes in the margin, fold pages and obviously quote from the books I read. I can't help myself. Anyway, I recommend this one. It is short and a good book to think on.

I am almost done with a wash cloth that I'm making from the organic cotton. I would probably be done except I had a real mishap with the first skein while attempting to put it in a ball. Don't ask, just now that the yarn took the brunt of it and suffered some war wounds but it will all come out in the "wash cloth", haha, I crack myself up.

Have a great day!! Peace~ DAWN

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
  New Digs
Hey, I know it is redundent to state the obvious, but have you noticed the new template and colorway? hmmmm? not to shabby, eh? A big shout out and thank you to Mouse for the great banner with the awesome needles sewing in Wild Yarn. It took some doing, but I got all or most of my stuff transfered over from the old blog. I'm missing my counter, but that is just vanity so for now we'll leave it off. Don't get me wrong, one day I may feel the need to see how many hits I'm getting but for now we'll just go on faith.

Had a weird day at work this morning. Monday it was all "wow your great" and today was all "I'm still hurting over here". Go figure. My ego is pretty much leveled out now. Did find out that one of the therapist (our only guy) is being let go today. That means me and the other lady will be picking up the slack as well as the pay. Dude is a good therapist, it's just that this is a small town and people are weird about having a guy massage them. Guys are all homophobic and women either can't relax or their spouses get all twisted up about "some guy" massaging them. I get that, I just feel bad for him. He's from one of the larger towns so maybe if he gets hired on there or with a male chiropractor (ours is female) he'll do better. Let's hope.

I am on skein #3 of the baby "jelly" yarn on the baby blanket. This thing is moving right along. Oh it is so soft. I can't wait to give it to her. I think after I post this I'm gonna get my winder out and put those 3 skeins of organic cotton into balls and get a wash cloth going. I'm dying to see how this stuff works up. Elann's said that the color will deepen with washing. That would be cool.

Take it easy, ya'll and have a great day!
Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
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  Swiss Family Robinson

I forgot to post a picture of my son's treehouse in progress. Without further ado, I present the treehouse in the late afternoon sun. This thing is really high off the ground and there is plenty of room under it for a little lounge! The house itself will be about 6' in height. My husband had it taller and I was like, "uh, no I think the ceiling should be lower. It's for a kid, babe, not you." He agreed (thank you). He is going around to construction sites and asking for any lumber that they are disgarding to use for walls and whatever else he can think of. I will post progress pictures as it goes along.

Woohoo! I got my yarn from Elann.com, yesterday. I absolutely love doing business with them. Their yarn is awesome and so are the prices not to mention you get your order el rapido!! and for someone with no patience (moi) that is a good thing. I admit, I get so giddy when my yarn arrives, I did flirt with the mailman a little. I don't think he minded. I was so excited to see all the purdy yarn and a little sample sheet of some of the yarn I had been considering. As you can see, I have already turned on and a 1/3 skein into a baby blanket for my co-worker. This yarn feels like a cloud. It's like covering yourself up with a tissue. . . you don't even know it is on you. Can't wait to work with the cotton. It has got to be better than SnC. The weight is a little lighter, too.

Babble babble, enough already. Have a super day everyone!! {oh, clicky, clicky the pictures for larger image and a better view}
Peace all~ DAWN
Monday, June 27, 2005
  Anniversary #18
Today is mine and my husbands 18th wedding anniversary. Yeh, for us!!
It doesn't feel like it has been that long. I'm very proud of our years together and all that we have accomplished. We are very blessed.

Movie review: Bewiched This was a very cute movie. Will Ferril's character is a jerk, but of course he gets straightened out once he falls for the right woman. Nicole Kidman is so good in this part. You really want everything to work out for her (and she lets things happen "naturally" after a few botched nose twitches). Different from the original, but in the way that one brand of potato chips differs from another. Not quite what you are use to, but still potato chips.

Is anyone else sick of seeing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes flap around one another like two animals caught in a trap? Yeah, your in love. Moon over each other on your own time. Apparently she is the most wonderful and compassionate woman to ever walk the earth and he is the most wonderful and compassionate man. Silly me, I thought that was me and my husband. Hmmm, who is the imposter? I mean if I married the greatest man and she's about to marry the greatest man someone is obviously lying. Oh, wait--maybe that is what love is. Maybe someone should clue in about 1000 reporters and let them know so they will quit asking their retarded questions. Or maybe all of us in love should head over to the local newsroom and let the media know. They obviously think that Tom and Katie are the only two on the planet. Hello. . .

Cynicism aside, hope you all have a great day and get to spend it with the ones you love most!
Peace~ DAWN
Sunday, June 26, 2005
  Bewich Me
Tonite me and my husband are going to see "Bewiched". Nichole Kidman is so pretty. She seems geniuanly nice, too. I really hope that the movie is good cause I was a big t.v version Bewiched fan. Elizabeth Montgomery was soooo cool. I'll let you know what I think of it tomorrow.

I really really don't like working with SugarNCream cotton. Ugh! it feels so gross moving through my fingers and is ultra stiff. What kind of cotton is it anyway? ick. I have some cotton I ordered on eBay from Peru and it is so soft and flows easily off the hook. I'm really looking forward to the organic cotton from Elann. I have several skeins of S.N.C that I need to use up so I'm bitching out loud while I make a kitchen towel. On a funny note. I made up several dishcloths and after I use it I drape it over the old water filter spout. Yesterday, I wiped the counter and my husband is standing there just staring at me. I was like, "what?" and he just shrugged with these wide eyes. Then I said, "you know, you guys are suppose to be using these dishclothes to clean the dishes and counter." He replies, "oh, we can use them? I thought they were just for decoration." AHHHHH! I guess he figured better safe than sorry.

IPod note: I know have 176 songs downloaded.

Book note: I am now reading Confessions of a Pagan Nun by Kate Horsley
I'm on chapter 3. I like this passage from Chapter 2:
Rather than seeing a contest between druid and Christian, I see a kinship between stone chapel and stone circle. One encloses and protects the spirit; the other exposes it and joins it with the elements. In both of these places we conjure the powers that affect and transcend us. We remind ourselves, in both places, that we need oats and milk, but we also need what we cannot see or put in our food bowls.

Peace all. Hope you have a great day~ DAWN
Thursday, June 23, 2005
  Another Birthday Wish
This time it is Happy Birthday to one of my older sisters. (I won't tell how old she is, even though she doesn't read my blog and would never now, hehe). We are in birthday overload right now. In the months of Jan and Feb it's all my kids and husband and dad. Now in June and July it is all of my siblings (including myself). Not to mention all my siblings anniversaries (including myself).

I gave in and ordered some yarns from
Elann. Take a peekie-pooh at these little beauties: N.Y Yarns Feather (it's gonna be a scarf for some lucky person this Christmas) next we have Pakucho Organic Cotton in avacado and vicuna. This will become wash clothes for a pregnant co-worker. I thought a nice gift basket with baby products and a couple of crocheted wash clothes would be cool. Lastly, Patons Pixie in Jelly. Once more for the pregnant co-worker; a nice little soft blanket for the little tyke. I can't wait to get started on these items. She is due in September, so I have plenty of time.

As far as the Sherbet Tank goes: I'm almost done with strap number one. Yes, yes, I am slow. I can't help it; I get bored. That is exactly why little projects suit me best. It's these more involved ones that drag on forever. At least veragated yarn makes pretty patterns to destract you, but these solid colors, please....it's like being in monotone hell. Not to mention hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, you get the idea. I need variety!

Enjoy the day! Peace~ DAWN
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
  Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday to my sister!! Sometimes she reads this and sometimes she doesn't, but its out there none the less.

My scarves that I sent Jackie for the scarf swap never got to her!! I feel really bad cause she's been waiting and waiting and apparently they have been sucked into the black hole of overseas mail. I am making her some new ones cause it's a bummer to be a part of a swap and get nixed. I finished one (sorta) yesterday, but ran out of yarn and now am on a search to find one more skein. I finished a second one this morning, but haven't decided if I want to put some beaded fringe on it or not. I probably will.

There is something funky in the air here; my allergies have started acting up. I hate taking medicine cause it makes me feel all weird. But I need to do something before work. No one wants their massage therapist sniffing and sneezing while getting worked on. I was hoping it was just sinus stuff, but it's allergies. Damn.

Have a great day and once again- - Happy Birthday, K!!
Peace~ DAWN
Sunday, June 19, 2005
  Sick Bastards
Okay, I admit that I have a dark sense of humor but some things are beyond me.
I know that some thing are cute, but really is sticking steak knives in the back of a kitchy cow really such a cute idea for a kitchen?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Seems a little over the top to me. Steak knives; steak comes from cows; we get it. The visual is a little unnecessary.
This is what my son won at his girlfriends beauty pageant. They were giving away prizes in between changes, I guess and this is what he got. Lucky devil.

My awesome summer bag is famous!! It made page 38 of the July issue of Marie Claire as one of the must have bags of the year. It's the same color as mine, as well! I got mine for $10 though--score!

I was making my middle son a visor beanie and subconsciously I must have wanted it cause it turned out to big for him but ironically just right for me and my head full of hair:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I added my Choco Kitty patch and I love it! I know it looks like I'm a little 'dreamy' in the photo; maybe I'm dreaming of loving it.
My son is not totally out of luck. I've started him a new one and hopfully it fits. It's the same color as mine and I don't need two visor beanie hats.

Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, June 16, 2005
  30 Days
I watched this new show on Fx last nite called "30 Days" and this one dealt with living on minimum wage. I could not believe how insane everyday was for them and must be for people all over the united states. We are a country obsessed with stuff and possessing stuff and a nation of waste producers the likes of which is embarrassing. People trying to get by on $5 an hour (before taxes) is crazy! CRAZY! I can't even begin to tell you how sad and mad and embarrassed I am. Sad because this goes on on such a huge scale in our own country. Mad because everyday we turn our heads and elect politicians into office who line their own bloody pockets and hang the rest out to dry. Embarrassed by all that I have and all that I waste on a daily basis. It was sobering. And if we don't vote for elected officials that won't do something to increase minimum wage than shame on us for letting down the human race.

Okay, squeeling to a halt and turning in another direction. . . I made a visor beanie for myself and stuck my Choco Kitty patch that I got for Christmas on it. I've been waiting for the right project to show up and it did; right on my head. Almost done with the Sherbert Tank but am becoming disillusioned by the way the upper portion may fit me. Think positive. Also, due to last nites sobering t.v. show, I was gonna go buy myself a new summer purse, but have since decided to make myself one with some nylon cord that I bought last year. It's gonna be great. Oh, and I'm working on another beanie for son 2.

We have a garter snake living right outside our back door. He left us his dried skin yesterday. He likes sitting on the pine needles under the azalia bushes and looking at us as much and we like sitting on the back step looking at him. Or so I think in my own head.

Egos aside, people. Get out there and lend someone a hand. We have to come together if we are gonna make this world work for our kids.
Peace all~ DAWN
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  Visor Beanie
Here is a picture of the visor beanie that I made for my son.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
He loves it (smile*grin*)
Have a great day! Peace~ DAWN
Monday, June 13, 2005
  Lend a Crocheting Hand
Well, Bonnaroo is over and it went very well, over all. There was only one death and right now it looks like it was do to sleep- apnea and not drug over dose. That is sad, regardless of the cause.

My sister and her girlfriend sold a lot of hand-made hemp jewlery and some crochet goods. Her girlfriend crochets free style (not from a pattern) and she does such great work. I lent a helping crochet hook by making a few pouches and head scarves for them to sell.

Yesterday I made my oldest son a visor beanie. He loves it. I must admit, it turned out pretty great and for a lot less than the $20 that they retail for. My middle son wants one, now. I told them if their friends see them and like them I'll sell them for $15. Plus, I can add patches and such if they want them customized.

I'm still working on the Sherbert Tank. I crochet slowly when it comes to anything larger than a hat. It is coming along nicely, though. I can't wait to finish it and wear it out. I am making the solid part a little longer than the decorative part so that is what seems to be taking a long time.

Have a great day!! Peace~ DAWN
Thursday, June 09, 2005
Well, do ya? If you live here in Manchester you do whether you have a ticket or not. Manchester is a small town of around 9500 people. Starting today and working it's way through Sunday this town will grow to 100,000 people. Re-read that.
Bonaroo is a Music and Arts Festival that lasts for three days here in Manchester. Follow the above link for the official site to learn more. If you want to see some pictures from 2003, go to this festival website.
The gates open to the "field" this morning at 7a.m and so our local Walmart will begin to thin out. What does that mean? Well, I was working last nite and didn't think to have anyone take the camera out and photograph it, but. . . let's just say that the Wal-mart becomes the holding ground for early Bonarooians who get here 2 and 3 days before the festival begins. They campout/hangout in the parking lot and begin the party early. It is fun to watch and a little harrowing at the same time because it is so dense in population. I love Bonaroo and support it completely (unlike some of my fellow Manchesterites). It is great for the economy of this little town and puts us out there for a week each year. Not to mention that it shakes up the tight ass, narrow minded among us so that they are forced to see that those that are different are NOT all bad. I love to see the expression on the faces of the ultra conservative white church goers as they scuttle past a couple with tie-dyed clothing and dreads. Or as these same free spirits say "hello" and smile as the timid townies look away and smile tight lipped and pray they aren't gonna get mugged or something.
Don't get me wrong, this town for the most part embraces the festival and for that I am proud. We, on the whole are friendly and helpful. It is nice to see a community open its arms and welcome others (even at a number like 100,000) for a few days. These folks are here to have some fun and enjoy music, art, people and the feeling of unity that it all brings for them.
So, do you Bonaroo? If you live around here, break out the tie-dye, open a beer and let go of your prejudices, cause whether you like it or not--you Bonaroo.

Peace all~ DAWN
Monday, June 06, 2005

Gator nap Posted by Hello

Feeding the Dolphins Posted by Hello

Most awesome Sea Turtle! Posted by Hello
  Pictures and Crochet
Well, as you can see-- I've given you some pictures of some of my favorite things on our trip. Sorry Natalie; I have pictures of "my" seal buy they were taken with a disposable camara and not the digital. I think our batteries ran out. If they turned out any good, I'll get you a copy. He was really sweet. That gator picture is AWESOME! It looks fake or like a professional took it. That may make it's way to my screen savor. My youngest was so excited to pet the dolphins. As you can see, a friendly fellow wondered over to say hello. Actually he was hoping for a fish (which he got later). Finally the loggerhead sea turtle. This was my first up close and personal encounter with one and I tell you I was blown away. They are so beautiful and gentle. Not to mention huge! Their heads are enormous. So much more powerful to see one in person. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be diving in the ocean and see one out in it's environment. I think it would be too much for me.

On the crochet front:
*I'm still working on a project. I'll tantalize you with pre-photos soon
*I've started work on the "Sherbert Tank" courtesy of Jessi over at Crochetville. I love this little tank top. So cute! I'm doing mine in the 'shine' yarn I got from Knitpicks.com in Orchid. It is really pink, but when you make the yarn I guess you can name it what you want. Trust me, it is pink. The yarn is ultra soft, though, so that makes up for the color.

Totally unrelated: my husband just gave me an Almond Joy, not just any Almond Joy but a white chocolate with key lime coconut filling Amond Joy! It is really good! Very tropical. Reminds me of our trip....
uh- oh, sorry. Wondered off a bit.

Have a great day!! Peace~ DAWN
Sunday, June 05, 2005
  I'm Baaack
Well, we are back from Florida: tanned and relaxed. We had a great time and really hated to leave; but, reality calls.
We had 4 gorgeous days and 4 rainy days. How balanced is that? I hated that it was rainy and cloudy, but in the universes wisdom it was probably best. I don't care how much sun block I have, burning is always gonna happen and if the sun hadn't hid from us I just know we would have burned up. I have no judgment when it comes to the beach--none!
We hit Silver Springs and rode the glass bottom boats and also Sea World. Fed the dolphins and fell in love with a spotted seal and a loggerhead sea turtle. Also, showed the boys my old house (which looks totally different from my younger days) and ate at some of my favorite restaurants: Bernard Surf and Papa Vito's pizza (the BEST) in Cocoa Beach and The Black Tulip in Cocoa. Had lunch at Captain J's, great local place on the beach to grab a bite and a brew. Our youngest kicked my husbands butt in pool there. It was a hoot.

Absolutely no crochet! Can you believe it. Well, if you knew me and my love of the beach and being outdoors then you would. I didn't even do any in the car. To busy sleeping and daydreaming. I did get home to find the latest issues of Crochet Fantasy and Crochet Magazine sitting on the counter. That was fun to look through today. I'm in the middle of a project now, but those mags gave me fuel for more fires. Not to mention the summer issue of CrocetMe on the web!! I have a lot of catching up to do.

Peace! DAWN
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