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Monday, June 13, 2005
  Lend a Crocheting Hand
Well, Bonnaroo is over and it went very well, over all. There was only one death and right now it looks like it was do to sleep- apnea and not drug over dose. That is sad, regardless of the cause.

My sister and her girlfriend sold a lot of hand-made hemp jewlery and some crochet goods. Her girlfriend crochets free style (not from a pattern) and she does such great work. I lent a helping crochet hook by making a few pouches and head scarves for them to sell.

Yesterday I made my oldest son a visor beanie. He loves it. I must admit, it turned out pretty great and for a lot less than the $20 that they retail for. My middle son wants one, now. I told them if their friends see them and like them I'll sell them for $15. Plus, I can add patches and such if they want them customized.

I'm still working on the Sherbert Tank. I crochet slowly when it comes to anything larger than a hat. It is coming along nicely, though. I can't wait to finish it and wear it out. I am making the solid part a little longer than the decorative part so that is what seems to be taking a long time.

Have a great day!! Peace~ DAWN

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