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Sunday, April 30, 2006
  Easy Accessories

This is the newest addition to my knitting library. I love this book! It has all kinds of great projects that I foresee as fairly easy. I have chosen Project #23: the Cute Casual Bag. Pictures soon to come (I only have 10 rows done, not to impressive yet).

Have you ever had one of those weeks were everything you "tried" to make turned out like shit, so basically you spent HOURS for nothing to show for it? Yeah, that was my week/weekend. Finally I have hit on a winner, but up until about noon--I was in crafting hell. Hince the bare bones blogging.

Which reminds me... not that many of you read the last post but if you did and where curious about the movie line "I've counted to 3"-- it was from "O Brother Where Art Thou". Great movie! Greorge Cloonie cracked me up. He's a Dapper Dan man, don't cha know.

Our yard is glowing an awesome green from all this spring growth! I feel like I'm in some velvet mossy orb. It is cloudy as all get out today (we're suppose to get rain, but it's just spitting). The green doesn't care, it is glowing from within; rain or shine.

19 days till "The Davinci Code" and 26 days till my baby graduates from high school {*sniff* wipe tear away}. This is hard people--he's 18! he's almost done with his formal education and stepping out into the world. His decisions are at hand and mom and dad only have "opinions". Hug your kiddies and don't ever stop no matter how old and big they get. It is precious everytime!
Thursday, April 27, 2006
  Busy, busy, busy
ahhhhhh, we've had a busy week at work. No rest for the wicked, as they say. Along with our regularly scheduled clients, we also had two days of health fairs/in-services where we did free chair massage for hours. . . Tomorrow I have a full day because one of our therapists has been out all week and I have been covering for her. Luckily, her schedule was pretty light this week.

Any how. . . no photos with this post. I know you can get addicted to the pretty pictures, but sometimes you just have to use your imagination. So let's do that, this time around. I have made significant progress on the crocheted baby blanket for my pregnant client. I have just a little over half to go and it will be done. It looks so pretty. Also, I have begun a knit poncho for my Florida vacation in July. I should be done by then. I had to frog two days worth of work because the tension was really fu**ed up. You could clearly make out when I was in the throws of serious stress-out time. I switched to a needles size up from the one called for and I put it on a 16" circular needle instead of straights so it lays better. I will reveal the pattern I'm using when I get a little further along and take a picture.

Both of the older boys did really well on their ACT's so the pressure if off and they can relax. The young one just finished up T-CAP (or Tennessee testing for dummies). I hate state testing. Ridiculous--don't argue with me, I've counted to three. (that is from what movie? Anyone?) I will love you forever if you know. Anyhow, I have given birth to a true freak. The young one actually likes taking the T-CAP. While other students are freaking out and hating life, mine is getting up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead. Don't ask, cause I really have no answer for this phenomenon. Although, a girl at work said her daughter is the exact same way. Hmmmm, love connection maybe?

See you in the next few days. In the meantime, have a great day and give a stranger a compliment.
Saturday, April 22, 2006
  Gorgeous Day
So glad that the weekend is here. I've been looking forward to it since Wednesday. Today did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, we went to watch both our older sons play soccar (one win, one loss), ate a great meal at O'Charlies, and completed not one but two projects:

The red Panta (narrow version) and the cutiest hat from The Yarn Harlot called Ken's Dulaan Hat . Oh, it is so cute and it didn't even use up a complete ball of Lion Brand Jiffy Thick N Quick. I may have enough for another hat! This stuff is like super chunky. Super Chunky. My top knot is a little on the "much" side. I got a bit carried away making the i-cord. Oh, well. The little kid who wears the hat will hopefully not care. I'll be a bit more reserved on the next one. I want to try it with two strand of Lion Brand Homespun held together. What a soft hat that will be.

I got a touch of sun while watching the games this afternoon. Oh, don't be envious, it is only on one side. Apparently at the ripe age of 39 I still haven't gotten the fundimentals down of how to tan evenly. I have learned to live with it but others seem to have a problem dealing with it and like to point it out, like somehow I don't own a mirror or can't look down and see one arm is definately darker/redder than the other. Thanks people--I would have gone my whole life never knowing, whew, what a relief.

We are not "mail" worthy today. My little red flag has been up ALL day and here it is, 7:23 p.m and it is still up, the mail that wants to go bye bye is still in the box and there is no mailman in sight. I take that back; I spotted him driving up the street over an hour ago, but he somehow never made his way back down the street. Alas, "Not Mail Worthy". In the past when this has happened and we questioned it, we were told that there is a "cut off time" for delivery and therefore no mail for us that day or this day. Apparently our postal service doesn't go by the creed of "through rain and snow and dark of night. . ." blah, blah whatever.

Happy EARTH DAY everybody!!!! Peace~DAWN

Thursday, April 20, 2006
  Noro Ribbed Beanie
Well, here is the hat that was pictured half done on the lawn chair. It is the Noro Ribbed Beanie:

Here are the particulars:

1 ball of Noro Silk Garden

#8 16 inch circular needles, plus 4 #8 DPN's

Pattern: freebie from my LYS

I will make one adjustment to the pattern in future and that is knit the body 5 inches instead of 6 inches before starting the decreases. It comes a little close to my eyes for my taste and could be a bit shorter. It does stretch. It matches my magic scarf and I will wear them both next fall. I believe this is the #86 colorway in the Noro and I love this one.

I have made a couple of baby hats and a pouch but will have photos up later of those. I want to keep you all coming back, after all. Right now I am working on a second Panta. This one is more narrow with a Knit 2 on each end instead of the knit one. I had to re-write the pattern a bit to accomplish this. I wanted to pull my hair out for a few minutes until it began to fall into place. I can barely read a knit pattern, let alone re-write one. I'm making this with some of the leftover recycled wool/silk blend in red. I want it to have a bit more body than the one made with alpaca.

This school year is almost at an end, people. I just want you to know that I have my first graduate coming up and I'm not happy about it. He's my baby; how can he be old enough to graduate high school, drive, date, get a job and have a life and be happy without his mom? How? To make it even more tramatic: his brother is going to be a senior next year and that means 2 graduates in a row!! how much torture can one mom endure? Well, I don't see them going far in the near future, so I can have more time with them. It is just the mere thought of them being able to just pick up and take off. Boo-hoo. . .

Back to knitting and my day off--Peace~DAWN

Friday, April 14, 2006
  Have a Seat
Here is where I am sitting to do my knitting today.

And this is my view from that chair:

That is our most awesome pond (with 2 gold fish and 1 Koi). The knitting in the chair is a pattern from my LYS for a ribbed hat using 1 ball of Noro. This is my first attempt at knitting in the round--a new skill. It was a little tricky connecting the round the first time and I had a huge gap that later closed. Plus I'm using a stitch marker for the first time. I sound like such a baby. My first time doing this, my first time doing that....geezzzzz, but I'm just so proud. I'm teaching myself all of this and I'm pretty impressed.

So, where are you crafting today? I hope that it is as gorgeous where you are as it is here.

We are having an unusually warm spring right now and I'm loving it!! It feels like summer. We are grilling out hamburgers and hotdogs tonite. We are planning on adding a back deck this summer and we bought a firepit to put on it. It was a really good buy. I can't wait for the deck to be done. We are getting a second estimate tomorrow and then we will decide who to go with.

Happy Easter/Spring to everyone!! Hide some eggs, eat a chocolate bunny and enjoy the sights of the season....

Peace~ DAWN

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
  Spring Spring!!! Awwwww
After a few posts of all of my lastest projects, I ran out! ah! So I thought I would share a few other things--like this beautiful crab apple tree in our front yard. I love this tree when it is full of fluffy pink blooms. It screams SPRING! if you catch it in time. A good wind or hard rain and the blossoms are all over the ground. We are experiencing some fantastic spring days right now. Clear open skies and balmy temperatures. As I type this our neighbor across the street is having about 4 large trees planted in his front yard. It is gonna look great in the summer. Those poor guys are working hard. Large root balls are quite heavy.

Here is my latest Jack purchase. He is my IPod holder. I can change the settings through the plastic cover; no more taking it out of the case. Brilliant!! It really is the little things in life that make me happy:)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this lame post and at least liked looking at the pictures. Maybe there will be more interesting happenings next time. Have a great spring like day!!
Peace! DAWN
Saturday, April 08, 2006
  Stung by a Bee
Not really, just by this really cute cloth. The Bee Stitch Border Cloth . I thought it was the cutest wash cloth and decided to put my "skills" as they are, to the test. No where on earth could I find a Knit one Below demo so I just kinda figured it out on my own and what do you know? It worked:

Pattern: Bee Stitch Border Cloth
Yarn: Bernat "Cotton Tots" in Lime Berry
Needles: Size 7 (4.5mm)

It is so darn soft! I am planning on making wash clothes throughout the year and giving them as Christmas gifts with assorted beauty products. By the way, that DHC deep cleaning oil--FABULOUS!! I love it and wouldn't use anything else to clean my face with at night. The other soap is a bar my sister's girlfriend made and it smells wonderful!! Loads of essential oils in it.

Off to Hobby Lobby and to see the movie, "The Bench Warmers". Have a great weekend!!
Thursday, April 06, 2006
  Back To Business
We have returned!! our trip was a great success and the oldest is mucho happy that he got to spend so much time with his beautiful girlfriend.

Here are a couple more photos of the prom beginnings.
I don't have a clue about the middle or end, except that they got home in the early morning hours.... it's okay, they are both good young adults and the prom in N. Dakota is pretty awesome. They have a thing called the grand march which takes a few hours and each couple walks down the runway and is announced. Afterwards, they go into the prom and dance the nite away until about 1:30 a.m and then, they go to the Moose Lodge for an after party that lasts until 4:00a.m and then groups of them go out for Breakfast. Then Sunday is spent sleeping it off for school Monday morning. To get into the prom they have to take a breathalizer test and once in the prom they randomly do them and then when you leave the prom you take another breathalizer test. If there is drinking, they will find it. Sex and drugs are completely different, but we won't go there. They had a blast and looked so good, I'm glad we could do this for them.

My friend was estatic to see us and we had a great visit. It didn't snow while we were there; as a matter of fact the weather turned spring-like in the 50's and 60's~ yes, I like to take my own weather with me wherever I go.

Since returning, I have completed this eyeglass case. The pattern is from Missa and can be found here:
Sunglasses Condom

very easy and very cute. I haven't monogrammed mine yet, but I will. I love the little place carved out for it.

Plus, I made the awesome and much ado about PANTA:

I love this headband, it is super cool and gave me a chance to work on my knitting. I must confess, people that knitting is becoming an addicition. Love it!

Okay, have a great day and I will be back on the blogging circle this weekend.
Peace~ DAWN
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