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Sunday, April 30, 2006
  Easy Accessories

This is the newest addition to my knitting library. I love this book! It has all kinds of great projects that I foresee as fairly easy. I have chosen Project #23: the Cute Casual Bag. Pictures soon to come (I only have 10 rows done, not to impressive yet).

Have you ever had one of those weeks were everything you "tried" to make turned out like shit, so basically you spent HOURS for nothing to show for it? Yeah, that was my week/weekend. Finally I have hit on a winner, but up until about noon--I was in crafting hell. Hince the bare bones blogging.

Which reminds me... not that many of you read the last post but if you did and where curious about the movie line "I've counted to 3"-- it was from "O Brother Where Art Thou". Great movie! Greorge Cloonie cracked me up. He's a Dapper Dan man, don't cha know.

Our yard is glowing an awesome green from all this spring growth! I feel like I'm in some velvet mossy orb. It is cloudy as all get out today (we're suppose to get rain, but it's just spitting). The green doesn't care, it is glowing from within; rain or shine.

19 days till "The Davinci Code" and 26 days till my baby graduates from high school {*sniff* wipe tear away}. This is hard people--he's 18! he's almost done with his formal education and stepping out into the world. His decisions are at hand and mom and dad only have "opinions". Hug your kiddies and don't ever stop no matter how old and big they get. It is precious everytime!

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