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Saturday, April 22, 2006
  Gorgeous Day
So glad that the weekend is here. I've been looking forward to it since Wednesday. Today did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, we went to watch both our older sons play soccar (one win, one loss), ate a great meal at O'Charlies, and completed not one but two projects:

The red Panta (narrow version) and the cutiest hat from The Yarn Harlot called Ken's Dulaan Hat . Oh, it is so cute and it didn't even use up a complete ball of Lion Brand Jiffy Thick N Quick. I may have enough for another hat! This stuff is like super chunky. Super Chunky. My top knot is a little on the "much" side. I got a bit carried away making the i-cord. Oh, well. The little kid who wears the hat will hopefully not care. I'll be a bit more reserved on the next one. I want to try it with two strand of Lion Brand Homespun held together. What a soft hat that will be.

I got a touch of sun while watching the games this afternoon. Oh, don't be envious, it is only on one side. Apparently at the ripe age of 39 I still haven't gotten the fundimentals down of how to tan evenly. I have learned to live with it but others seem to have a problem dealing with it and like to point it out, like somehow I don't own a mirror or can't look down and see one arm is definately darker/redder than the other. Thanks people--I would have gone my whole life never knowing, whew, what a relief.

We are not "mail" worthy today. My little red flag has been up ALL day and here it is, 7:23 p.m and it is still up, the mail that wants to go bye bye is still in the box and there is no mailman in sight. I take that back; I spotted him driving up the street over an hour ago, but he somehow never made his way back down the street. Alas, "Not Mail Worthy". In the past when this has happened and we questioned it, we were told that there is a "cut off time" for delivery and therefore no mail for us that day or this day. Apparently our postal service doesn't go by the creed of "through rain and snow and dark of night. . ." blah, blah whatever.

Happy EARTH DAY everybody!!!! Peace~DAWN


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