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Friday, April 14, 2006
  Have a Seat
Here is where I am sitting to do my knitting today.

And this is my view from that chair:

That is our most awesome pond (with 2 gold fish and 1 Koi). The knitting in the chair is a pattern from my LYS for a ribbed hat using 1 ball of Noro. This is my first attempt at knitting in the round--a new skill. It was a little tricky connecting the round the first time and I had a huge gap that later closed. Plus I'm using a stitch marker for the first time. I sound like such a baby. My first time doing this, my first time doing that....geezzzzz, but I'm just so proud. I'm teaching myself all of this and I'm pretty impressed.

So, where are you crafting today? I hope that it is as gorgeous where you are as it is here.

We are having an unusually warm spring right now and I'm loving it!! It feels like summer. We are grilling out hamburgers and hotdogs tonite. We are planning on adding a back deck this summer and we bought a firepit to put on it. It was a really good buy. I can't wait for the deck to be done. We are getting a second estimate tomorrow and then we will decide who to go with.

Happy Easter/Spring to everyone!! Hide some eggs, eat a chocolate bunny and enjoy the sights of the season....

Peace~ DAWN


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