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Thursday, April 20, 2006
  Noro Ribbed Beanie
Well, here is the hat that was pictured half done on the lawn chair. It is the Noro Ribbed Beanie:

Here are the particulars:

1 ball of Noro Silk Garden

#8 16 inch circular needles, plus 4 #8 DPN's

Pattern: freebie from my LYS

I will make one adjustment to the pattern in future and that is knit the body 5 inches instead of 6 inches before starting the decreases. It comes a little close to my eyes for my taste and could be a bit shorter. It does stretch. It matches my magic scarf and I will wear them both next fall. I believe this is the #86 colorway in the Noro and I love this one.

I have made a couple of baby hats and a pouch but will have photos up later of those. I want to keep you all coming back, after all. Right now I am working on a second Panta. This one is more narrow with a Knit 2 on each end instead of the knit one. I had to re-write the pattern a bit to accomplish this. I wanted to pull my hair out for a few minutes until it began to fall into place. I can barely read a knit pattern, let alone re-write one. I'm making this with some of the leftover recycled wool/silk blend in red. I want it to have a bit more body than the one made with alpaca.

This school year is almost at an end, people. I just want you to know that I have my first graduate coming up and I'm not happy about it. He's my baby; how can he be old enough to graduate high school, drive, date, get a job and have a life and be happy without his mom? How? To make it even more tramatic: his brother is going to be a senior next year and that means 2 graduates in a row!! how much torture can one mom endure? Well, I don't see them going far in the near future, so I can have more time with them. It is just the mere thought of them being able to just pick up and take off. Boo-hoo. . .

Back to knitting and my day off--Peace~DAWN


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