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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
  Spring Spring!!! Awwwww
After a few posts of all of my lastest projects, I ran out! ah! So I thought I would share a few other things--like this beautiful crab apple tree in our front yard. I love this tree when it is full of fluffy pink blooms. It screams SPRING! if you catch it in time. A good wind or hard rain and the blossoms are all over the ground. We are experiencing some fantastic spring days right now. Clear open skies and balmy temperatures. As I type this our neighbor across the street is having about 4 large trees planted in his front yard. It is gonna look great in the summer. Those poor guys are working hard. Large root balls are quite heavy.

Here is my latest Jack purchase. He is my IPod holder. I can change the settings through the plastic cover; no more taking it out of the case. Brilliant!! It really is the little things in life that make me happy:)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this lame post and at least liked looking at the pictures. Maybe there will be more interesting happenings next time. Have a great spring like day!!
Peace! DAWN

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