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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Well, do ya? If you live here in Manchester you do whether you have a ticket or not. Manchester is a small town of around 9500 people. Starting today and working it's way through Sunday this town will grow to 100,000 people. Re-read that.
Bonaroo is a Music and Arts Festival that lasts for three days here in Manchester. Follow the above link for the official site to learn more. If you want to see some pictures from 2003, go to this festival website.
The gates open to the "field" this morning at 7a.m and so our local Walmart will begin to thin out. What does that mean? Well, I was working last nite and didn't think to have anyone take the camera out and photograph it, but. . . let's just say that the Wal-mart becomes the holding ground for early Bonarooians who get here 2 and 3 days before the festival begins. They campout/hangout in the parking lot and begin the party early. It is fun to watch and a little harrowing at the same time because it is so dense in population. I love Bonaroo and support it completely (unlike some of my fellow Manchesterites). It is great for the economy of this little town and puts us out there for a week each year. Not to mention that it shakes up the tight ass, narrow minded among us so that they are forced to see that those that are different are NOT all bad. I love to see the expression on the faces of the ultra conservative white church goers as they scuttle past a couple with tie-dyed clothing and dreads. Or as these same free spirits say "hello" and smile as the timid townies look away and smile tight lipped and pray they aren't gonna get mugged or something.
Don't get me wrong, this town for the most part embraces the festival and for that I am proud. We, on the whole are friendly and helpful. It is nice to see a community open its arms and welcome others (even at a number like 100,000) for a few days. These folks are here to have some fun and enjoy music, art, people and the feeling of unity that it all brings for them.
So, do you Bonaroo? If you live around here, break out the tie-dye, open a beer and let go of your prejudices, cause whether you like it or not--you Bonaroo.

Peace all~ DAWN

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