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Monday, June 06, 2005
  Pictures and Crochet
Well, as you can see-- I've given you some pictures of some of my favorite things on our trip. Sorry Natalie; I have pictures of "my" seal buy they were taken with a disposable camara and not the digital. I think our batteries ran out. If they turned out any good, I'll get you a copy. He was really sweet. That gator picture is AWESOME! It looks fake or like a professional took it. That may make it's way to my screen savor. My youngest was so excited to pet the dolphins. As you can see, a friendly fellow wondered over to say hello. Actually he was hoping for a fish (which he got later). Finally the loggerhead sea turtle. This was my first up close and personal encounter with one and I tell you I was blown away. They are so beautiful and gentle. Not to mention huge! Their heads are enormous. So much more powerful to see one in person. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be diving in the ocean and see one out in it's environment. I think it would be too much for me.

On the crochet front:
*I'm still working on a project. I'll tantalize you with pre-photos soon
*I've started work on the "Sherbert Tank" courtesy of Jessi over at Crochetville. I love this little tank top. So cute! I'm doing mine in the 'shine' yarn I got from Knitpicks.com in Orchid. It is really pink, but when you make the yarn I guess you can name it what you want. Trust me, it is pink. The yarn is ultra soft, though, so that makes up for the color.

Totally unrelated: my husband just gave me an Almond Joy, not just any Almond Joy but a white chocolate with key lime coconut filling Amond Joy! It is really good! Very tropical. Reminds me of our trip....
uh- oh, sorry. Wondered off a bit.

Have a great day!! Peace~ DAWN

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