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Sunday, June 05, 2005
  I'm Baaack
Well, we are back from Florida: tanned and relaxed. We had a great time and really hated to leave; but, reality calls.
We had 4 gorgeous days and 4 rainy days. How balanced is that? I hated that it was rainy and cloudy, but in the universes wisdom it was probably best. I don't care how much sun block I have, burning is always gonna happen and if the sun hadn't hid from us I just know we would have burned up. I have no judgment when it comes to the beach--none!
We hit Silver Springs and rode the glass bottom boats and also Sea World. Fed the dolphins and fell in love with a spotted seal and a loggerhead sea turtle. Also, showed the boys my old house (which looks totally different from my younger days) and ate at some of my favorite restaurants: Bernard Surf and Papa Vito's pizza (the BEST) in Cocoa Beach and The Black Tulip in Cocoa. Had lunch at Captain J's, great local place on the beach to grab a bite and a brew. Our youngest kicked my husbands butt in pool there. It was a hoot.

Absolutely no crochet! Can you believe it. Well, if you knew me and my love of the beach and being outdoors then you would. I didn't even do any in the car. To busy sleeping and daydreaming. I did get home to find the latest issues of Crochet Fantasy and Crochet Magazine sitting on the counter. That was fun to look through today. I'm in the middle of a project now, but those mags gave me fuel for more fires. Not to mention the summer issue of CrocetMe on the web!! I have a lot of catching up to do.

Peace! DAWN

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