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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
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Hey, I know it is redundent to state the obvious, but have you noticed the new template and colorway? hmmmm? not to shabby, eh? A big shout out and thank you to Mouse for the great banner with the awesome needles sewing in Wild Yarn. It took some doing, but I got all or most of my stuff transfered over from the old blog. I'm missing my counter, but that is just vanity so for now we'll leave it off. Don't get me wrong, one day I may feel the need to see how many hits I'm getting but for now we'll just go on faith.

Had a weird day at work this morning. Monday it was all "wow your great" and today was all "I'm still hurting over here". Go figure. My ego is pretty much leveled out now. Did find out that one of the therapist (our only guy) is being let go today. That means me and the other lady will be picking up the slack as well as the pay. Dude is a good therapist, it's just that this is a small town and people are weird about having a guy massage them. Guys are all homophobic and women either can't relax or their spouses get all twisted up about "some guy" massaging them. I get that, I just feel bad for him. He's from one of the larger towns so maybe if he gets hired on there or with a male chiropractor (ours is female) he'll do better. Let's hope.

I am on skein #3 of the baby "jelly" yarn on the baby blanket. This thing is moving right along. Oh it is so soft. I can't wait to give it to her. I think after I post this I'm gonna get my winder out and put those 3 skeins of organic cotton into balls and get a wash cloth going. I'm dying to see how this stuff works up. Elann's said that the color will deepen with washing. That would be cool.

Take it easy, ya'll and have a great day!
Peace~ DAWN

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