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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
  Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday to my sister!! Sometimes she reads this and sometimes she doesn't, but its out there none the less.

My scarves that I sent Jackie for the scarf swap never got to her!! I feel really bad cause she's been waiting and waiting and apparently they have been sucked into the black hole of overseas mail. I am making her some new ones cause it's a bummer to be a part of a swap and get nixed. I finished one (sorta) yesterday, but ran out of yarn and now am on a search to find one more skein. I finished a second one this morning, but haven't decided if I want to put some beaded fringe on it or not. I probably will.

There is something funky in the air here; my allergies have started acting up. I hate taking medicine cause it makes me feel all weird. But I need to do something before work. No one wants their massage therapist sniffing and sneezing while getting worked on. I was hoping it was just sinus stuff, but it's allergies. Damn.

Have a great day and once again- - Happy Birthday, K!!
Peace~ DAWN

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