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Thursday, June 16, 2005
  30 Days
I watched this new show on Fx last nite called "30 Days" and this one dealt with living on minimum wage. I could not believe how insane everyday was for them and must be for people all over the united states. We are a country obsessed with stuff and possessing stuff and a nation of waste producers the likes of which is embarrassing. People trying to get by on $5 an hour (before taxes) is crazy! CRAZY! I can't even begin to tell you how sad and mad and embarrassed I am. Sad because this goes on on such a huge scale in our own country. Mad because everyday we turn our heads and elect politicians into office who line their own bloody pockets and hang the rest out to dry. Embarrassed by all that I have and all that I waste on a daily basis. It was sobering. And if we don't vote for elected officials that won't do something to increase minimum wage than shame on us for letting down the human race.

Okay, squeeling to a halt and turning in another direction. . . I made a visor beanie for myself and stuck my Choco Kitty patch that I got for Christmas on it. I've been waiting for the right project to show up and it did; right on my head. Almost done with the Sherbert Tank but am becoming disillusioned by the way the upper portion may fit me. Think positive. Also, due to last nites sobering t.v. show, I was gonna go buy myself a new summer purse, but have since decided to make myself one with some nylon cord that I bought last year. It's gonna be great. Oh, and I'm working on another beanie for son 2.

We have a garter snake living right outside our back door. He left us his dried skin yesterday. He likes sitting on the pine needles under the azalia bushes and looking at us as much and we like sitting on the back step looking at him. Or so I think in my own head.

Egos aside, people. Get out there and lend someone a hand. We have to come together if we are gonna make this world work for our kids.
Peace all~ DAWN

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