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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
This is just a teaser post, really. I finished the bolero and it fits!!!! Yippie!! I will have to wait and post a picture of it on Thursday, however. I know, I know. . . not fair, but I did warn you that this was a tease didn't I? Anyhow, what with work and no one around to take of picture of me in it, it will just have to wait. I like to see a garment on a person, not just hanging there. You get a better feel for it.

In the mean time, I have begun work on my next ME project. It is The Beatrice Shrug from Berroco patterns. I am using KnitPicks yarn Shine in Cream, Sand and Harvest. It is a very complicated pattern. I am three rows into it and hopefully it will begin to roll off the hook soon. Right now, if the phone rings or someone asks me a question, I loose my place and cuss. It better fit, people. I swear it better!

Well, the sun is shining and the weather has definitely taken a turn for the better today. I am so happy to see sunshine. I may just go stand in it for a bit before I go pick up my young one and then head off to work. It's gonna be a late one tonite so my husband has to take American Idol for me. I don't have any good reason why I watch that show. It really just sucked me in last year so I figure, why not this year. Gilmore Girls is a repeat so I won't be missing anything there *whew*. Hope you all have a great day and stay tuned for Thursdays Ophelia Reveal!!
Peace~ DAWN

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