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Thursday, February 09, 2006
  Snow Day?
Well, Tennessee strikes again. With the promise of snow in the forecast last nite, the powers that be panicked and canceled school (at least for the older two). The poor young one goes to city school and they tend to be a little more cavalier when it comes to the weather, apparently and so he had to brave the "elements" as it were and go to school. There was a powdered sugar coating of snow on things this morning, however the roads where clear and since it didn't reach below freezing, the roads where not slick. So what the hell is a snow day in middle Tennessee? Who knows, but if it ever really does snow here I do NOT want to be around to see the fall out.

I finished the Three Junes this morning. Excellent book. A little on the slow side. It's not a real page turner, but it does keep you coming back for more. You kinda want to know that these people are alright. It is comforting in the way that real life is. You wake up and make it through your day and if a house doesn't explode with you in it or you car doesn't go off a cliff, you win, see you tomorrow. Now, I get to start Ahab's Wife. I have been waiting to read this book but was determined to finish The Three Junes (confession, the last three books I started bored me to tears and so I put them back on the shelf, money well spent).

I have made little progress on the Ophelia Bolero. The back is done and almost on side piece. I got some yarn I ordered yesterday and will now make a couple of hats. One for my son's girlfriend and one for him. They should go fairly quickly.

Tonight we are off to the accountant. We get to see just how screwed the IRS can make you feel. Since I have my own business, so to speak(independent contractor, blah, blah) this year we need someone else to tell us what to do. I will owe some money but I tucked away a tidy some from each paycheck for such an occasion, so I am covered there.

Off to do laundry.

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