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Sunday, July 10, 2005
  Summer Top and Candy

Yeah! it only took me forever!! procrastinator that I am. Here is the finished Sherbet Tank by Jess. Here are my specs. It is made with four balls of Shine by Knitpics. Size H hook. I made the soild portion longer than the "hole-y" portion and I changed my straps. Instead of the solid ones in the original pattern, I did two skinny straps and twisted them at the top. My camera's batteries are acting up so you don't get a close-up of the straps (yet)-- I'll get up up, I will I will. I changed the straps cause like I said in an earlier post I had a vision and they looked like this. The main reason is I'm so impatient when it comes to repetative taskes and the thought of making two 14 inch by 1 1/2 in straps made me want to pull my hair out. This was my short cut solution. I still am not a fan of the bubble gum pink. It is called Orchid, but it looked more purpleish in the picture. Damn. Oh, well. Guess I will have to embrace my feminine side when I put this one on.

On to the next topic: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Next weekend, baby, next weekend. I can't wait. I told my son the last time we saw a preview and I snorted my way threw it (I snort when I laugh sometimes) that I will probably need to be sedated to watch this movie cause the trailer looks hilarious. Regardless of the merits of the movie. . . I love Johnny Depp. I do. I really really do. I think I could possibly be transformed into a staker if we were neighbors. Johnny would come out to get his paper in the morning and I be there, "good morning John, how's it going today?" He'd get in his car to go to work and I'd be watering the lawn, "hey, John, have a great day at work!" He'd come home late at nite after way to much partying and I'd be out, oh I don't know, taking my garbage to the curb, "Johnny, hi. Have a nice nite out?". It would get me into a lot of trouble. Not to mention the fact that my husband would probably object.

Okay, I have a big week at work on the books. I will try to post some little things. I hope that the Tank top gives you a bit of a fix for the next couple of days though. Peace~ DAWN

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