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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  Hot Summer Days
Whoa~ I don't know about where you all live, but around here the humidity is killer! Ugh--I still love summer, though. I just felt like complaining a little.

Here is
Dots Little Ditty Bag I promised a picture of a few days ago. It seems to be all the rage over at Crochetville right now. It is ultra cute and a quickie for those who need a fix. Pardon the glowing thumb in the photo. I'm not a photographer (obviously). I showed it open so you can get the gist of what it can hold. A little ditty, indeed. Sometimes that is all you need.

I was ROAKed yesterday!! these are the lovelies that I received.

An anonymous giver in Texas shared some mighty fine beading and a great plastic bag holder with me. I feel so special. I love getting home and having a package that I wasn't expecting waiting there for me. I only know it was from Texas because of the post-mark. That is as deep into the research dept. that I'm going. THANK YOU ROAKer!!

I broke down and joined the square swap at Crochetville as well as the Autumn Secret Pal. I kept checking out the swap thread and people kept posting pictures of the squares they had made so far and I kept looking at my need to dwindle stash and . . . it was a no brainer. Watch as I now loose my mind trying to crank out 35 squares by October 21st. Oh, I hear you: "It's only a square a day, Dawn". Well, I'm not Miss Quickie Crochet. I will procrastinate and then freak out and then do a bunck at one time.

Have a great day. . . must go to work
Peace~ DAWN


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