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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
  I see London, I see France.....
Congrats to London for landing the Olympics.

Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July. We had unexpected guests (well, they really came to see my dad, who lives with us). My sister and her family from Georgia came over for the weekend. The 4th is my sisters birthday. I just wish she would give us more than an 8 hour notice that she is on the way! Because they all came they brought their Jack Russell. That combined with our German Shepard and Beagle, not a good combination considering that they are all MALE. Only one close call as Otto (their dog) was coming out of the bedroom to go outside for his business and Timber and Buster had come in to eat. They almost got a four legged snack.

I have three and a half rows left on the baby blanket and wouldn't you know. . . disaster strikes. On the 4th, my husband turned over a large, full glass of red, I repeat RED kool-aid onto the blanket and an assortment of my books. I snapped it up and ran it under cold water. I couldn't wash it because I haven't tied any of it off, yet. So as it hung, drip drying in the garage I looked at the blue, green and white blanket with little specks of pink! and thought- - - Spray N Wash better be as good as they say. I will finish it today and then begin the task of stain removal and then I will post a picture and hopefully have good news. As for the books, well lets just say pink is the new "in" color for the binding and edging, didn't you know that?

Have a great day! Peace~ DAWN


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