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Saturday, July 30, 2005
  Fun Photos

This is the oldest doing his interpretation of a handstand. You will notice the form and grace with which he executes each step in the process. Also, notice how he takes time out to "ham it up" for the camera in photo 2.

Here is a beautiful blue butterfly (I'm not familiar with the genius, so feel free to name that butterfly if you want to) it is feasting on the lantana that decided it liked the area in the rose garden so much it was gonna do an urban sprawl kinda thing. That's okay, the roses look like shit in all this heat, anyway. I think I'll get more lantana next year.
Also, in the weeks to come, I will post a picture of the peach tree and all of its bounty before we harvest. It is loaded. You can kinda see it in the background of the "handstand" photos. I for see lots of peach cobbler in our future!! YUM

Peace~ DAWN


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