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Thursday, July 28, 2005
  Still here
No, I didn't have a birthday and forget how to blog. I had a GREAT birthday and want to thank all those who left nice birthday wishes for me in my comments section. {{sweet}}
I got a great pair of sneaks (checker board pattern) and some roses and some great candles and homemade pillow with some awesome fabric, and if my camera weren't on the blink I'd show you.

My blogging and blog viewing have been greatly imposed upon by work. When I am off I am bushed and want to just vegg. It will be even rougher because school starts tomorrow for the young one and the other massage therapist quit yesterday and I have to hold down her schedule starting Monday until we get another therapist in to split up the shift. Aughhhh! I have been working on squares for the square swap and wondering what the hell to do for my secret pal when that pops up in my email.

This has been a topsy turvy month. I like normal, routine scheduling and this has been anything but and I don't for see it evening out for a few more months. My husband will probably be starting a new job in August and with it will come financial bumps that I'm not sure I am ready for, but hey. . . this is life and it doesn't have a pause button, so we roll on.

I'm just spewing stuff out right now and none of it is crochet related except the above mentioned square swap. Hopefully this weekend I can get myself together better and get some updated shots up. I was suppose to work on Saturday, but that got cancelled (yeah, Dawn needs a break).

Have a great day, ya'll. Peace~ DAWN

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