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Friday, July 29, 2005
  Camera Problem Solved (sorta)
Well, we got the camera back up and running for the time being. It is being a butt. I think the terminal for the batteries is dirty so we cleaned it up a bit last nite but it still needs more elbow grease. When I say we, this is how it goes: honey, I think the terminals have crud on them, here, clean it up and see if that was the problem. This is where I hand the camera to the husband and he does his thing.

Here is a picture of the new sneakers I got for my birthday. I love them. They are so cute and very 80's, but what isn't now a days? I also posted a picture of the pretty flowers that my day got for me for my birthday. I love all the colors so much.

Today is the young ones first day of fourth grade. We took him to school loaded down with a brand new backpack full of fresh school supplies and he marched in sat down and didn't look back. I walked off and then decided I couldn't leave without saying bye, so I peeked in and caught his eye and waved and then took off. He will either say, "why didn't you come in and say bye?" OR he will totally block out the experience and pretend I was some lunatic woman. Although, a lot of the other kids in the class know who I am *hehe*

This is not how we sent him to school, although we did toy with the idea last nite. That is my oldest sons football jersey and pads. He was giving the young one partial experience and then they proceeded to knock each other down. The dogs got in on the act as well, but those pictures looked as though I had some sort of malling going on so I decided to keep it simple.

I am work free until after I pick the kiddo up from school and then I work till 7:30. I was so excited to have the first half of the day off. That is until I realized how much shit I need to do around here. Laundry is top on the list, then there is cleaning the bathroom *yuck!* and of course just general pick up and throw away or pick up and put back. Do you know how messy a house can get when you leave three boys, their father and your father at home all day without a womans intervention? It is shocking. Truely. Oh, but I have already made one more square for the swap ( I think that makes 14 or so--wooohoo ). I will be making more today, trust me.

Have a great day everyone; Peace~ DAWN


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