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Sunday, October 15, 2006
  Keltic Socks
In honor of Socktober I have finished my first pair of ankle socks. They are made from Berroco Keltic (1 skein!!) and a tiny bit of leftover Lionbrand WoolEase and size 5 dpn's. I took three patterns and picked out the parts of each that I liked best to come up with these little beauties. I am wearing them now with my moccasins and my feet feel cozy and warm.

In the photo you can kinda see the new tat. It has finally quite flaking and so I think I am ready for my close-up now. I will have my son take a picture and post it later. It is really a set up piece for a larger tattoo later (when I get drawn up just what I want). That is all you get for now.

Surgery boy is doing really well. He hasn't had to take anything for pain since he had the operation. He finished up his antibiotics and we go back in a few more days for a follow up exam. He has three little holes in his belly. He kinda looks like a snowman with buttons of coal.

This fall weather has felt really great! I hope where you are there is some kind of autumn feeling in the air. I love the chilly mornings and evenings and the mild days. The sky always looks so much more blue on clear fall days that at any other time in the year. Maybe it is the lack of leaves on the trees or the play of different colors from the turning leaves, I don't know. I just love bright blue skies.

Have a great day!!! Peace~ DAWN

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