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Friday, October 27, 2006
  Singles, Doubles, and Triples

Let us start with the single. This is my second Graduate. He is just too cute, is he not!!! Don't ask were the red hair came from...in real life it is more of a dirty blonde color. Although the red does look smashing on him. He is just to cute! that is his "cat that ate the canary" grin by the way.

Moving on to the doubles. They are temporarily single, however these guys are just hanging out together until their mates get made and they can begin living their lives on my hands and feet. The sock is the one from my class. We meet for the last time on Tuesday but I went ahead and finished the sock. I've started the second one and am on the heal flap portion. They look great! The mitt is from Spirals pattern. Really easy to follow and super cute to boot.

Finally, we come to the triples. These are the three amigos. As you can see, Winston loves his Buster and Timber is just glad to be in where it is full of his favorites peeps (me!) and food.

We are all on the mend around here. Just a little tummy weary. No spicy foods for the moment and still not big on large portions of anything. It seriously kicks on and off in 24 hours. The husband still has been the only one spared around these parts. I'm convinced it's the antibiotics for his finger that are keeping him well. Lucky!!

I had to post these pictures through photobucket because blogger is just not cutting anyone a break lately. What is up? It is really just the picture thing. . . the posting stuff I can deal with but I don't have an hour to waste sitting here waiting for the damn host to put up a picture. It is really bugging the hell out of me. There may be a new domain in my future if this stuff doesn't straighten out. I'm just sayin'. . .

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