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Thursday, September 14, 2006
  Tummy Trouble
The last few days my tummy has been in distress. I don't know if it is my diet, stress, lack of exercise or (more likely) a combo of the above. So this has been my friend for the past few days:
When it is too hot out for hot tea (which it has been here) then Tazo Ice Teas are my hero. This one has lemon and ginger and is so yummy. I also love the green tea and the Simply Red which tastes just like a cinnamon apple.

We watched the conclusion of Rock Star Super Nova last nite and I have to say that I pretty much called the pick early on. They picked Lucus. I loved Dilana, but I knew that the group wasn't ballsy enough to choose a FEMALE lead singer. She really was the best in my opinion. She'll do much better with out those so called "rockers", anyway.

For your amusement I give you two billboards that are in my town and yes, they are back to back (no photo shopping here--ignore the 'hoveround'). Enjoy!


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