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Sunday, September 10, 2006
I did it, I made my first pair of KNUCKS, half-fingers, thumb gussets and all!

I decided not to put on the message because the tweed-like coloring; my next pair will be solid so I can go crazy. I used MISTY ALPACA in sport weight and got a great pair of soft gloves that fit perfectly! I love them. Plus, I have some yarn left over that when doubled will make a nice rib to a Rad Bad hat.

Doggie update: Winston, Buster and Timber are all getting along swimmingly. They are running around and playing tug of war with their toys and it is so cute to see Winston running after Buster knowing that one day he will surpass him is size greatly.

On a gross note: we were watching "Health Inspector" last nite and I looked down at my feet and there were all three dogs licking their balls at the same time. I just thought, "how perfect. . . I really am out numbered in this house." Husband, my dad, 3 sons, and now 3 male dogs. The only time I'm not "alone" is when the girlfriend comes and stays for the weekends. More girly things in the bathroom and smells of perfume and not gas! Yay!!

Happy Weekend! Peace~ DAWN


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