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Saturday, September 02, 2006
  Oh, Delicious Yarn
I discovered the most awesome on-line store. It is YARN RESCUE and though she may not have a lot of yarn in stock, if you can find the yarn that is meant to be recued by you and sent to make the most unique of things, then you too can have something like this:
She is called IZZY and she is 276 yards of bulky goodness that use to be a cropped length turtle neck sweater from Old Navy. Now she will become an Anthropologie Caplet for moi! Soft chocolate, raspberry and strawberry colors that will live happily on me in the (hopfully) near future. My Knit Picks catalog also came in the mail. Happy days!

This weekend will be dedicated to finishing up the Interweaves Shrug. I finished both cuffs and all I have left is:

Till then peeps, have a great Labor Day weekend and may your mailboxes overflow with fiber goodness;)



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