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Sunday, September 03, 2006
  Random House
This is the house that the husband built for the young one. He rarely uses it. Go figure. The oldest one wanted to know if he could abuse it with some spray paint inside so I said go for it. It is to tiny to take pictures, but it is pretty awesome. Then to appease the young one who was not happy about the graffiti, he put on the young ones favorite band of all time (and mine as well) on the outside. If it was a bit bigger I'd play in it.

First 5 songs on the shuffle play of the iPod today:

I am reading Frankenstein now. I was saving it for October but I'm sure it will take me through October to get through it (since I'm slow don't cha know). So far it is really good. As I read it, it is hard for me to comprehend that a young woman of 19 wrote this book in the budding 1800's. Not only that but she lived through some really horrible things in her life. Lots of death. It is not hard to read like some classics can be.

Happy Labor Day to everyone. Peace~DAWN


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