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Sunday, September 24, 2006
  Charity Hats on a Roll
I have been cranking out the hats for the Rad Bad Beanie deadline I set for myself. I have three more to show you. I ordered a styrofoam head on eBay so my hats will be displayed on it instead of my distracting head.

This first one is my first roll brim hat. Very simple, mind numbing knitting. I am using up bits of stash which makes me very happy. This next one is a simple ribbed hat. I got the recipe out of the latest Knit Simple magazine. I really like the way it decreases on the crown. It is like a little circle. Very neat.

And finally, another roll brimmed hat. This one is made with chunky yarn and so there is no need to stretch it out, just plop it on your head and go. I used up the last bit of Wool Ease chunky in Grass and some leftover bits of tan yarn to finish up the crown.

I hope you all have enjoyed the hat fashion show. I feel like that is all I have made lately. I am working on the second Fetching glove. My desire to finish off the washcloths has stalled out. I really hate working with cotton yarn. I don't care what brand it is (I've tried it all) nor do I care what type of needle I use (I've tried them all)-- simply put, I hate working with cotton yarn. The end result is very pretty and nice, it's just getting there.

We are enjoying some cooler, rainy weather this weekend. Perfect for knitting and watching football and smelling the pot roast in the slow cooker. I adore lazy weekends. I hope you all have enjoyed yours, too.

Peace~ DAWN


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