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Thursday, September 28, 2006
  Readyl, Set, Post!!
Oh my god! I have been having such a time with blogger today. Good lord! it just won't load up. . . finally I have my chance and I just hope I can get through to the end and hit "post" without any mishaps.

Well, I have a finished object to show you:

These are my second pair of Fetching Gloves. Aren't they just all that? I used 1 and a smidge of a second ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in this terrific blue. I have enough left over for a hat. HA! I made a few modification to this pair to suit my taste:

1. Knit on size 4 needles instead of size 6

2. I decreased one stitch in each section of the knit part of the ribbing on the last 4 rounds (makes it snugger around my knuckles)

3. I did a pattern BO instead of the picot.

I would say that they need to be a tad bit longer but I will wear them and love them just the same. Very soft and warm.

I am in love with a new (and yes, affordable) yarn. Ultra Alpaca from Berroco. If you can not find a color to your liking, you have issues. Not only are the colors gorgeous (and heathery) but you get over 200 yards (okay 212 yards) for about $8.00! Hello!! bonus--it is so soft and so cozy warm. Some of the names could use a bit 'o tweeking so I may just call them what I feel is appropriate. For instance, I bought the Prune Mix (yuck name, most lovely color yarn) so how's about Violet Riot? it has so many flecs of different purples in it. Also, I bought-get ready-Pea Soup Mix (yuck, yuck) so I was thinking Wheat Grass, cause that is really what it looks like. It has shades of yellow and greens mixed in, really fun color. If you get the opportunity to get your hands on some I say do it. I works up really nicely, too. I am making a hat with the violet riot and I have written up my own cable scarf pattern for the wheatgrass. When it is finished I will share the pattern.



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