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Thursday, January 04, 2007
  Wrap Me In Green

As promised, here is the progress on the boyfriend cardie in the Elann green wool. It is really soft and as you can see it shows the detail of the stitches really well.
I only have about 13 inches done on the back and I need19 before I begin the shoulder/neck shaping. Argh! this is gonna be slow going (I started it just before Christmas). I will report progress as it comes up, just don't expect to see the finished project before the cold weather gives way to summer. This is a cardie for NEXT fall. Luckily I have no illusions, huh? The green of this yarn is a bit deeper than my flash will allow for. It has a bit of heathering in it as well (which I am a sucker for).
If you have never ordered from Elann.com I highly recommend it. The Elann brand of yarns (wool, alpaca, cashmere, cotton) as all awesome. Soft and the colors are very intense. You Can NOT beat the price, especially if you need a lot of yarn for a project and the shipping is so freaking fast, you won't believe it.
I am sitting on a pile of laundry so I must go. . . domestic duties call. Peace~ DAWN



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