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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
  Knitting Update
This is the Kenobi Jacket that I have dubbed "the boyfriend cardie" from KnitScene Spring 2007. Project #1. You can't really see the detail of all the patterns that are going. It is asymmetrical textured panels of moss stitch, reverse stockinette, 1x1 rib and 3x1 rib. I have chosen to use some Elann yarn in a chunky weight (Peruvian Chunky) to get gauge and cut down on the exuberant price tag. Mine is in a dark hunter green. The yarn is 100% wool verses the wool/alpaca mix of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca (which I love but at $8 a skein and a total of 11 skeins needed for the project... ahhh excuse me, I'm worth a lot but shit, I'd like to eat and pay some essential bills, too). This is one of the two "big" projects I have on needles at the moment. The other is the Sun Ray shawl from elann.com. Simple enough, yes. Long and involved, yes too. I'm using Peruvian Pure Alpaca in Oxblood--gorgeous color in person! That and a pair of Peace Fleece wool socks. That is what I am up to on the knitting front. I will post some progress pictures in the next day or so. Have a great Wednesday! Peace~ DAWN

By the way, thanks for the comments, ladies. I always feel bad soliciting comments I guess I just needed to feel the love. As you were.



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