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Thursday, January 18, 2007
  And The Winner Is?

ME!! I entered a give away at Crochet Chronicles and I won. All this yummy yarn plus the drop spindle and some roving. Wow!! Thank you, Cindy so much. {for some reason blogger isn't showing the button to add links to the page so that is bumming me out). Cindy's link is on my sidebar. Go check her out.

This is what my oldest does at work. He gets bored sometimes and creates his own fun. Yesterdeay he created this little cutie out of their plastic bags. This is how thoughtful he is, he brought bags home for all of us to make our own plastic bag shirts. Nice, huh. Be gentle with your comments (we wouldn't want to stunt his creative growth).

Today is the oldest son's 19th birthday. I'm old. Peace~DAWN

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