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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
  Knee Deep in the New Year

Yes, yes the holidays are officially over. Today I go back to work on my regularly scheduled program. I tallied up my earnings for the year and would like to do back flips as I out did my earnings from last year (a total surprise). I got my new schedule book in order and am embarking on a year of total and complete organization (when it comes to keeping up with work papers and progress). The rest, well, I'll probably just wing it and bitch often when I can't find something or freak out when I can't take the mess anymore. You know, the usual.

I got a couple of inches completed this morning on the boyfriend cardie. I am not even done with the back yet but love the progression, as every few inches is a new pattern. Thus, the boredom of 19 plus inches is cut in half to about 50%. I bought the new Stitch n Bitch page a day calendar (on sale for 1/2 off, of course) and picked up a tip on today's page. When knitting things like sleeves that need to be the same length, knit them at the same time on the same needles using 2 separate balls of yarn. So simple and many of you may already know of this trick but it is new to me. I plan on implementing it on the sleeves of the cardie when I get there. Yippee!

No photo today. I thought about it and then thought of the hassle since I'm not sure how many readers I actually have. Not a lot of commenting going on here lately. Not sure what is going on but if you read this drivel I would appreciate a simple "hell yeah, sister" or "right on" every other post or so. To those who do frequent and comment, bless you. . .

School is back on tomorrow and then the house will gradually get back into it's normal routine. I sense that it misses it. I have an added resolution: prepare more home cooked meals (using the crock pot or casseroles). We ate out so much last year you could count the fat rings on my body if you sliced me in half. ENOUGH!

I hope you all have a great beginning to the new year as the week moves along. Peace~ DAWN

~ rented The Libertine and loved it. Johnny Depp got a little scary to look at toward the end but it was a really good movie. Dark, egocentric, sad but not everything should be Talladaga Nights and Beer Fest.



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