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Sunday, January 09, 2005
  Beautiful Sunday
Well, my Rams won their game yesterday and I am so hap happy!! Don't know how long they will last in the playoffs, but I am enjoying wathching them advance for now. Yippie!!

Here is the chocolate shirt photo I have blogged about for two days now. Finally, the proof. Yeah, yeah, I know----whoppie, but it's from my honey and therefore very special and exciting to me...

Slow going on the crochet front; I have a few projects inthe works : My hat for the hat swap is done so on payday I'll send that and the final package for my secret pal, out. Also, the ripple is slow going cause it's an afghan; my least favorite thing to make cause they take soooooo long. I still haven't started on the thread CAL, yet. I am still gonna do the bread cloth, but I'd like to start with something smaller and something I don't knead (get it, bread) to map out. So, I'll probably do a filet crochet sachet -- whoa! say that one 3 times fast. Any who, I'll post when I get moving on that one.

Oh, we bought a new sofa and chair yesterday at Haverty's. They are natural leather in a cocoa color. I love them. They will take on the aged appearance of a bomber jacket over time and they feel silky. Not cold and slippery like the polished leather. Our old couch was 15 years old and old describes it. It has moved to to every state that we have been in the Air Force except New Mexico ( and that was our first assignment and we had a hand-me-down from hubbys dad then). Don't get me wrong the 15 year old couch was greeeaaat! Had a queen sleeper in it and was long enough for my 6'3" husband to lay out on and still have an inch or so (long long couch). But, it was time for a change. And I've wanted leather for a long time, now. As you can see by the photo, this one doesn't quite fit him...he'll get over it, though.

Have a great day
Peace~ DAWN


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