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Thursday, January 13, 2005
  Bring on the Sun!!
Okay, the first post of the day with the quizes was just to stall a bit until I could finish up the sunglasses case I was working on yesterday. She is through and she is GORGEOUS!~the colors are so festive! I worked in hdc throughout with a little sc for the flap edge. I lined it with a piece of red silk (mmmmmm) and put some beading around the edges. She also sports a gold button with stars and moons etched on it. Love it.

What shall I do next, hmmmm?

By the way, thanks Colette and Sutty for the comments about my son. Sutty, he's the middle one- the older one posed for the infamous photo. He did really well yesterday. They took off half of his toe nail and left him with half. We get to see it today, after he gets home from school cause he has to soak it and have it re-wrapped. They gave him a total of three shots in his toe to numb it before the procedure. Ouch!! so far it hasn't been bothering him. After a day of walking on it and having it squashed in a shoe, who knows.

Peace~ DAWN

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