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Thursday, January 27, 2005
  Losing It
I just want it stated for the record, that I am Losing My Mind! I put a little temporary color in my hair this morning. No biggie. It's a mosse so I've not used this product before. I shampoo it out and then condition my hair as I have done for the past, um, lotta years. I like Clairol Herbal Essences cause it smells so good and makes your hair feel silky.
Well, my hair is ultra silky today because I FORGOT to rinse it out!
As I was drying my hair with the towel, I was getting this residue on the towel and thinking "wow, this is weird. I wonder if it is from the color?" Then I combed it--no tangles, wonder why? and let it air dry. Well, it's cold out and my head is still super wet so I think, what the hell...I'll put the defuser on and blow it dry. As I'm blowing it out and my ends are fluffy and soft and the hair near my scalp is still really damp it hits me- - - hey, dummy! you left the conditioner in!! No static cling for me today, my hair is like butter!

I posted a picture of the progress I've made on the Seraphina shawl. Oh, she is gorgeous and so soft and uummmmm. I would have had more done but yesterday I did 6 rows and had to frog all 6 rows! Yeah, that was fun. That is why in the photo you see that lovely pile of yarn. I had been cruising right along and held it up and noticed my holes did not line up correctly. I was pissed. This is with mohair, people. Do you know how hard it is to frog mohair without wanting to beat something to a pulp! Well, it can be done, but you have to take lots (and I mean LOTS) of deep breathes and go very very slowly. Now she is back on track and everything is right with my crochet world again.

I am going to try and get through this day without, I don't know, bringing home the wrong child from school or hitting a fire hydrant. Who knows....my hair is full of conditioner and there really is no telling what else I may do.....

Peace~ DAWN

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