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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
  Howling at the Moon
Or what little moon there is. Last nite we slept with the window open (it's been really nice here, but all that is about to change tomorrow). Anyhow, in the middle of the nite, around 3am. our white german shepard let loose his wild side. He sat in front of the open window in our bedroom and howled like the end was near. Me and my husband were deep in sleepy land when my husband sits straight up in the bed, startled and says "what the hell was that?" Me: "it was Timber howling, go back to sleep." Him: "I was sleeping sooo good, too." After about 10 minutes, I had to kick Timber out of the room cause he just wouldn't settle down. I thought later as I lay in bed trying to get back to sleep, ' it's a good thing Timber didn't get an answer or we'd have been slamming that window shut and fast'.

Back to the weather for just a moment. It is gorgeous here today. It is suppose to reach 70 degrees and right now the sun is out! Unfortunately, it won't last. This is Tennessee after all in January. Tomorrow and the days that follow will bring back the regular temps for winter. 40's for highs and 20's for lows. It is so nice to get a glimpe of spring, though. I'm not a winter gal at all so this reprieve is just fine by me.

I get to start a new project just for me! I got some gorgeous yarn by Moda*Dea [Cache in the color: wink] at Michaels a few weeks ago. It wasn't on sale so it was a splurge. I'm gonna make a case for my sunglasses. I'm gonna line it, too. I've got all kinds of scap fabric laying about. I'm a sucker for the remnents bin at the fabric store. Sometimes that is the only way to afford some of the nicer fabrics out there. Anyway, I'm sure I'll have a little yarn left over for some pouches for some crystals or my mala that I'm gonna make after I go back to my favorite stone store. On the doily front, I got quite a bit done on it yesterday; it's halfway finished now and turning out so pretty. I'm using two different colors of thread and loving it.

My son and hubby are in Nashville right now. My son has a badly infected toenail (really gross), and he needs to see a foot specialist. He's had 1/4 of his nail removed already, but it is still not healing properly. We are hoping they don't have to take the whole nail this time. He's had two rounds of antibiotics to help with the infection and it is just not working. Fingers crossed he'll come home with good news. I told him if they had to do a procedure on him just make sure to ask for some really good drugs. What a good mom I am. Encouraging prescription drug use in my kid (hey, he's one of my babies....no suffering aloud).

Humpday! Weekend on the way!!
Peace~ DAWN


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